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Storm In A Teacup

New Release ~ the second book in the 'Postcards From A Seaside Village' series ~
Storm In A Teacup ~

Lin starts brewing up a storm after a visitor to Sandstones lets slip some unwelcome news.

David is unhappy with the turn of events and takes strict action when Lin refuses to keep things in proportion. He makes a decision that leaves Lin in shock.

Tensions mount between them after Lin tries to reverse the decision. David makes clear he won't tolerate being manipulated.

The weather does nothing to help matters as the heat rises culminating in a ferocious storm that endangers both men.


Lin was standing by the window, the sun blazing through the glass, bathing him in a nimbus of opulent light. He had a hand up to his face stroking the stubbled beard on his chin between thumb and forefinger. It was a sign David knew well, indicating fretfulness.

“I've made lunch, prawn salad sandwiches,” he set the glasses of water and plate of sandwiches on the bedside cabinet.

"Bully for you. You'll be boiling eggs next." Lin didn’t bother to turn around.

Arranging the pillows on the bed David sat against them. “Come on, baby," he spoke gently, "sit with me, eat something.”

"I'm not hungry. I had a good breakfast. Unlike you I don't feel the need to eat to the rhythm of the clock."

"Fair enough." David picked up a sandwich and bit into it. As he ate he studied Lin's form, admiring the sexy shorts he was wearing. The Lycra material moulded his trim body, emphasising his toned thighs and his sweet little bum, he really did have the most adorable bottom. He put the remains of his sandwich back on the plate so he could adjust the crotch of his own shorts to accommodate the swelling suddenly occurring there. An appetite for sex replaced his appetite for food. “Come here, Lin." He patted the mattress. "No more sulks. What's done is done. Come and have a cuddle.”

"I don't want a cuddle, not from you. You've ruined my day." Lin kept his eyes fixed on the view through the glass, even though the blinding light was making them ache.

David took a long drink of iced water hoping it would cool his ardour, but it didn't. The flame of desire burned hotter. Getting up he crossed to the window. "Your hair needs a trim or at least thinning out." He used a forefinger to push gold strands away from Lin's eyes.
“Don’t.” Lin jerked his head away from the caress.

Undeterred David stroked his hair again. "You’re upset and I’m sorry.”

"Sorry enough to change your mind about The Venus opening tonight?"

"My decision stands." David moved his right hand from Lin's hair, sliding it down the silken ridge of his spine to rest on his buttocks. He brought his left hand round to join it. Brushing his lips against Lin’s ear, he murmured, “let's look at the positive aspect. We’ve got the day all for ourselves. Let me make you feel better. I want you.”

“I’m not in the mood for sex.”

“You’re always in the mood for sex.”

“Not this time.”

“I’ll work on it, persuade you towards a different mindset.” David touched his lips lightly to Lin’s mouth, pulling him closer to his body as he did so.

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