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Christmas Catch

Coming this week from Pink Petal Books, a heartwarming Christmas tale about a cowboy and former Air Force pilot.

Blurb: Mitchell Caulfield’s soul is as wounded as his body once was. The former Air Force pilot, forced to retire after being shot down over Afghanistan suffers from PTSD. Working as a bodyguard to supermodel Riley Forbes, Mitch accompanies the model and his wife home to the ranch for Christmas. There he meets Riley's cousin Grayson, a former rodeo star who now runs Forbes Ranch. Can the magic of Christmas bring two men from diverse backgrounds together? And will they open their hearts to the possibility of love?


Mitch rolled to his back, arms spread wide, his head thrashing on the mattress. “God, noooo!” he moaned.

Gray realized his words weren’t reaching the former pilot. Tentatively, he reached out and stroked his fingers lightly, in what he hoped was a soothing manner, over the side of Mitch’s damp face. Moving with the speed of a striking snake, Mitch grabbed Gray’s wrist in a vise-like grip as he rubbed his face against the palm.

“Don’t leave me. Don’t leave me here to die.”

Naked fear dripped from every word sending a wave of sympathy over Gray. He was locked into an uncomfortable position, one knee and one hand on the mattress for balance, the other hand held between Mitch’s.

Before he could figure out how to get out of the awkward pose, Mitch yanked his hand, tumbling him down onto the bodyguard’s hard frame. To Gray’s immense horror, his cock stirred as his hips involuntarily ground into Mitch’s.

“I’m so glad you’re here.”

Mitch’s sibilant whisper came right before his mouth took Gray’s in a searing kiss. Shocked to the core, Gray could do nothing but acquiesce when Mitch’s tongue sought entrance to his mouth. With heated strokes, the pilot’s hands roamed over Gray’s naked back while his hips thrust upward, pressing his erection firmly against Gray’s.

Lust swept through Gray as he let his tongue tangle with Mitch’s. Until this moment, he hadn’t admitted how attracted he’d been to the ex-Air Force officer. He knew the military had a don’t ask, don’t tell policy and because of it, many gays steered clear of that career path. Mitch looked straighter than a het man and hadn’t set off Gray’s gaydar at all, so he hadn’t questioned the
possibility that the man was more than he appeared. This, despite the fact that Gray himself was a walking advertisement for not broadcasting his sexual preferences via his appearance.

“Oh, hell. You’re so hot,” Mitch murmured, his hands slipping between their bodies to unzip Gray’s jeans, before rolling him to his back.

Head spinning, Gray found himself naked and spread beneath Mitch’s body in a matter of moments. He stared up at the man’s brilliant midnight blue eyes.

Shit. The other man was 100% wide awake.

“Mitch, I-I can…” His mouth stammered the beginnings of an explanation for being in Mitch’s room, but the pilot cut him off with a quick, hard kiss.

"Shut up, Gray. Unless you’re going to tell me to stop.” He rubbed his cock against Gray’s and his eyes darkened. “You’re not, are you?”

"I-I…” Gray tried to order his scattered thoughts. “You’re gay?”

Mitch smiled, his handsome face lighting with amusement. “As gay as you. Now, do you wanna talk or do you wanna fuck, cowboy?” The pilot’s hand stroked over Gray’s bare abdomen and settled around the thick erection that curved along his belly.

Eyes narrowed suspiciously, Gray said, “You seem to have gotten over your nightmare.”

Pain flashed in Mitch’s dark blue irises. “They’re bad when I’m in them, but I usually wake quickly. Sometimes I don’t even remember the details of the dreams. I fell asleep thinking about you, wondering how I could get you to notice me.”

He shrugged. “Bad as the dreams can be, I’m sorta grateful to them tonight.”

Gray accepted his explanation of the nightmares. Then his brain registered the rest of Mitch’s words. “Notice you?” His brows rose. “I’ve been driving myself nuts ever since you got here wondering how to get my cousin’s straight bodyguard out of my head.”

A rich chuckle escaped Mitch and he stroked Gray’s cock slowly. “You thought I was straight? Didn’t Riley tell you I’m as queer as a three dollar bill?” he said with amusement.

Gray’s hips began thrusting toward Mitch as pleasure spiraled through his body. “I can see I’m gonna have to have a little chat with my cousin. Riley didn’t tell me jack,” he grumbled.

“Well, I’m gay and you’re gay. I think you’re pretty damn hot and I can tell…” Mitch broke off and rubbed his thumb over the head of Gray’s cock, spreading the pre-cum over it. “… you seem to like me too. So how about it, Gray? Tell me I can save a horse and ride a cowboy.”

A groan broke from Gray, half pleasure from the feel of Mitch’s hand pumping his cock and half disgust at the trite old cowboy joke. “Condoms? Lube?” he panted, suddenly uncaring that he appeared a total slut. Sometimes being a manwhore could be an advantageous thing.

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