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Christmasy Drabble

Hi all! This is a quick Christmas themed drabble about snow in Canada. These characters, David and Chris, are two that provide me with never-ending entertainment. I suppose they are modern day versions of Dafydd and Christopher  from my novel The King's Tale. I have written a lot of little snippets of these two, but this one seems to fit since we're having freezing weather in California.


…the first snow…

Bundled heavily in winter coats, mufflers, and hats they trudged up the street from Ted's house toward the wood. Even though it was cold, they each only wore one glove. Holding hands was no fun through a glove.

Chris promised that the center of the meadow they were heading for was a magical place. As they walked he wove fanciful stories about when he was a boy and he came to the meadow with his friends. They swore they'd seen a dragon once. The rain always felt softer there. And if you closed your eyes after a game of whirling around and falling when you couldn't stand anymore, the best ideas always came.

Snow fell as they passed through the woods. It wasn't David's first snow, but it was cleaner than the DC snow he'd known as a kid. It was the kind of snow you could open your mouth and catch on your tongue.

In the center of the meadow they stopped, turned their faces up to the sky, and their thoughts inward.

I love you...

Chris said it often, with no second thoughts. David had not said the words back yet. He felt them in his psyche, but he couldn't say them. Until the magic of the meadow filled him and he squeezed Chris's hands tightly.

"I love you..."

It wasn't the first snow, but the simple words made it feel that way.


~Rowena Sudbury my page at the GLBT Bookshelf

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