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Dangerous Ground by Josh Lanyon

ISBN: 978-1-59632-658-3
Series: Dangerous Ground; Next Book: Old Poison
Genre: LGBT Erotic Suspense
Length: Novella
Cover Artist: April Martinez
Price: $4.99

Special Agents for the Department of Diplomatic Security, Taylor MacAllister and Will Brandt have been partners and best friends for three years, but everything changed the night Taylor admitted the truth about his feelings for Will. But it's complicated...

Taylor agrees to a camping trip in the High Sierras -- despite the fact that he hates camping -- because Will wants a chance to save their partnership. But the trip is a disaster from the first, and things rapidly go from bad to worse when they find a crashed plane and a couple of million dollars in stolen money.

With a trio of murderous robbers trailing them, Will and Taylor are on dangerous ground, fighting for their partnership, their passion...and their lives.

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The nose of the red and white twin engine Baron 58 was crunched deep in the bottom of the wooded ravine. Mud and debris covered the cockpit windows. One wing had been sheered off when the plane crashed through the surrounding pines, knocking three of them over. The other wing was buckled beneath the craft. The tail of the plane had broken off and was lying several yards down the ravine.

Will mopped his face on the flannel sleeve of his shirt. Eight thousand feet up in the High Sierras, the sun was still plenty warm despite the chill spring air.

“Either the pilot was unfamiliar with the terrain or he didn't have a lot of experience with mountain flying. Avoiding box canyons is one of the first things you learn.”

“Look at this,” Taylor said, and Will made his way across the rocky, uneven slope to him. Taylor pointed to the fuselage. “Take a look at those registration numbers.”

“N81BH.” Will's blue eyes met Taylor's. “Now why does that sound so familiar?”

Taylor grinned. “It's the plane used in that Tahoe casino heist last year.”Will whistled, long and low.

“Yeah,” agreed Taylor. Just for a moment he let his gaze linger on the other man's lean, square-jawed features. Will's hair, brown and shining in the sun, fell boyishly in his eyes. He hadn't bothered to shave that morning, and the dark stubble gave him a rugged, sexy look - very different from the normal nine to five Will. Not that they exactly worked nine to five at the Bureau of Diplomatic Security.

Will's gaze held his for a moment, and Taylor looked away, focusing on the plane's registration numbers again.

Will said, “The pilot's inside. No one else.”

“No sign there were ever any passengers on board.”

“Parachutes?” Will asked.

“No parachutes.”


“Doesn't look like it,” Taylor said.

“Interesting. The pilot's got a bullet through his skull.”

“Ah,” said Taylor.


Their eyes met.


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