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David has demons, a lot of demons. Chris decides that some of the demons that David has lost need to be kept after all...

He has his demons.

In the early days the demons that lived in his head choked him. I'm not really sure how he functioned with the weight of them.

As the years progressed I watched the demons drop away, but I never want him to lose all of them. A demon or two is good for the soul sometimes.

As he sits across the table from me, large and full of such contained and controlled power I feel tears well in my eyes. He casually explains to me that he doesn't need crutches anymore. In the early days he clung to the August anniversary of our "first time" but now? He shrugs elegantly, now he feels secure that there will never be a "last time."

I dip my head so he won't see the emotional effect, mainly because I'm not really sure of my response. I take a bite of baked potato loaded with butter and sour cream, his gift to me for this anniversary. When I gain control again I whisper...

"Let's keep the celebration in place..."

"Because I let you load up your potato with all the fattening stuff?"

"No," I raise my eyes to meet his, "Because even though there will never be a last time, the first time is something I cherish, and honor. I love you David, as much now as I did seven years ago."

I watch as he reels that particular demon back into place, and reaches over to take my hand.

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  1. I like the image of a loaded baked potato being a treat. It's very sweet.

  2. One day I plan to write at least a novella about these two...I've got a mountain of character studies about them ;)


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