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Eyes that Burn, a free read by Stevie Woods

Lying here feeling his gaze on me is both exhilarating and nerve-wracking; it feels as if his eyes are physically touching my body and I want him closer, I want to feel his hands on me. I can’t help regretting going along with this. It’s the first time I have ever agreed to be tied to the bed, though Steven has been trying to convince me how hot it would be for months. He doesn’t seem to understand that just being with him is hotter than a volcano to me. The day he finally approached me was the most fulfilling day of my life – well, maybe that’s an exaggeration, because, what with the sex and everything – but I guess you know what I mean.

I lusted after him for ages, even before I fell for the guy, but I thought he was way out of my league. Turns out he’d been wanting to get me horizontal for some time and he’d been too nervous to ask. Him! The man’s a god! Tall, slim, tanned, finely muscled and with long dark hair. Smart too.

Me, I’m nothing special, tallish but not as tall as Steven, somewhat heavier and I don’t tan, I just go red. I have very pale skin, goes with the blond hair and blue eyes. Steve tells me I’m gorgeous, I just wonder if he needs glasses.

At the moment though, I’m the one in need. Oh, man, am I in need.

I need to get these damn ties off so I can get a hold of him. I so want to touch him, to feel him under my hands. He’s kneeling over me, both of us stark naked and as hard as steel. But the bastard isn’t touching me, he is just looking. I’d never have believed that a look could burn. And the more he looks the harder I get.

I want him to touch me – anywhere! Please?

He looks into my eyes and I want to beg him but, fool that I am, I’d let him gag me too. So my only means of communication is with my eyes. I’m quite good with the puppy dog eyes actually. Well, usually anyhow. But he’s still kneeling, just looking.

Oh, wait! I do have another form of communication. What was I thinking of? My wrists and ankles are tied, but the rest of me isn’t. Thinking? Ha! I’d been too busy lusting to think.

Still holding his gaze, I slowly lift my hips, rubbing my cock against his and he gasps. Then smiling, Steven finally lowers himself onto me fully for the first time and I draw in a deep breath, luxuriating in his weight holding me down, in the feel of him as he moves over me, grinding his groin into mine faster and faster. Now it is my turn to gasp as my balls draw up. Arching my back, I try to cry his name but it is muffled by the gag but he knows and grins, then laughs gloriously as I spill between us. In the next instant I feel the heat of his seed splatter across my stomach as he climaxes too.

He removes the gag and kisses me, long and hard. When he releases me for a much needed breath, I tell him it was wonderful but how desperate I was to hold him, to touch him.

The next moment I can’t help but admit that at the same time, when he finally touched me, it was…electric.

He looks at me intently for a moment, then he smiles as he tells to wait and see what I experience when he blindfolds me…

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