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I Am the Rain

Another free read from Rowena Sudbury. This will never be published as it is far too short.

It was the wind causing the tears to run down his face as he hurried away from the source of pain. He knew it was the wind, it wasn't the pain. Couldn't be the pain. He was tough, nothing hurt. Ever.

The wind whipped his hair into his eyes. Impatient as he raised his hand to push it aside and he realized two things. He'd left his coat, and there was blood tracking with the tears down his cheeks.

Keep walking, keep moving, and don't give in to the misery looming just above.

Footsteps slowed as he reached the bridge. It arched high over nothing below, one of the mysteries of man, a bridge with no apparent function. He turned and the wind blew full force into his face.

And then the shivering started. This time the tears were real. He gave way and let them pour out.

Heat, pain, humiliation. Closed in.

He wrapped his arms tightly around himself; poised on the brink of the abyss, lacking the bravery to do anything other than just stand there and let the misery ebb over him.

He stiffened immediately when he sensed the presence beside him, knowing they had followed to taunt this breakdown of control. But the hand that touched him was gentle, belying the strength behind it.

Head bowed he allowed himself to be gathered close, wrapped in the overlarge black coat, held against the steadily beating warmth of his savior.

No recriminations, just the comforting scent of protection.

Comfort, and something more.

Everything receded, agony replaced with care. Shivering stilled as a different kind of heat radiated from the solid strength. Eyes closed they breathed as one.

The storm, physical and emotional still raged, but was calmed as strong fingers tipped his face back, and electric blue eyes gazed down upon him. He closed his eyes and allowed his lips to be taken. The kiss was whiskey smooth, liquid warm, overpowering.

Together they turned. He huddled against the larger man, his steps no longer stumbling. Walked down the other side of the arch, toward promises kept.

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