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Leap of Faith by DM Sands (chapter three of three)

He unlocks a door at the end of the hall. i would have assumed the rarest of rare vintages were secured here. Wrong.

“We have the place to ourselves. I have the only key,” he announces, ushering me inside and locking the door once more.

i remain speechless, gazing at a vast display of sexual appliances. He explains an aversion to sharing his accoutrements, which i appreciate. Pushing me back against the wall, he licks shapely lips.

Long fingers steadily unbutton my shirt. They don’t stop until i’m naked. Well, mostly.

“God! How can you stand to wear that?”

He’s referring to my strict leather chastity belt. It’s the reason i donned heavy denim instead of snug navy suede that pairs so much better with the matched tailoring of my off-white shirt.

“It’s the only way i’m allowed to leave the house, Sir.”

“So he locked you in that and let you come here?”

“No, Sir. He’s working. i doubt he knows i’m gone.”

“Then who put it on you?”

Stunned by his naïveté, i answer, “Why, i did, Sir. Neil doesn’t like anyone else touching me.”

“Do you have the key?”

Incredulously i ask, “On me? Sir! Of course not.”


i stand expectantly in a respectful slouch. Few people can fathom what to do with a bona fide, absolute bottom but he will overcome his hesitant distaste. Out of the corner of my eye i can see his contemplation over just what an opportunity he’s stumbled upon.

“Stand up straight. Look at me. What are my boundaries to keep you safe? This is the last time I’ll ask. Speak.”

“Preferably Sir will not cut my hair, or bruise or break the skin. As long as this body remains visibly unmarked, Sir has complete freedom to use and abuse the slave. Kind Master encourages my masochistic tendencies, fortunately, but of late he’s denied that need. i’m risking a lot by being here, as Sir guessed. That should indicate how desperate the situation has become.”

Now the hair stands up on my arms when the truth fully dawns on Sir. He may be the most perfect match imaginable for my needs. There is not a whip in sight. Only blunt toys and metal restraints line the walls and shelves.

“Kneel on that bench, Mouse.”

It’s padded, so my knees are protected. I let murmured appreciation express my thanks. Master can bruise them another day.

“Good. Lock your ankles into this spreader bar,” he orders, passing me the device.

He assists in securing wrists alongside feet. Stroking my upturned ass, Sir liberally lubricates my entrance, careful to get as little as possible on my codpiece. An ominous rumble informs me that he’s dragging over a machine noticed in the corner when we entered.

Masturbation not tolerated, my hole is tight from neglect. He turns up the power to fight the huge dildo past my body’s initial resistance. i hadn’t expected such abrupt penetration. White noise fills my head with the fulfilling pain of being so brutally stretched.

He sits and watches for some time. How long is anyone’s guess. My vision blurs with disorientation from the constant pounding. This is heaven except for the fact that I would rather feel the man over this machine.

“What’s your name?”

“mouse,” i whisper. “Sir.”

“Lower case. I hear it. Interesting. Neil must have worked hard on you. Is that true?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“And yet you defy him.”

“Yes,” i whimper, ashamed.

“Perhaps we should call him. I’m sure he’d like to know where you are.”

“Sir,” i groan. “Please.”

“Please, what?”

“Please, don’t, Sir.”

“You’re saying no? You’ve got guts, kid. I’ll tell you what. I’m going to take over for that monstrosity. You’re good and loose for me now. When I’m done, I’ll send you back with my juices dripping out of that pretty ass. Okay?”

“Sir,” i wheeze.

“That’s not marking or wounding. You gave the boundaries, mouse, you live with the consequences.”

He’s right. The sensation of his hot cock reaming me brings a joy inexpressible.

Sir doesn’t take his time. He comes almost right away. Shuddering, i feel my erection strain to grow. The delicious, frustrating ache grows with every orgasm he shoots into me.

At long last Master… No, Sir, pats my throbbing behind fondly.

“Nicely played, mickey. Run on home now and see to dinner. Perhaps ‘Don’ will join us. Eh?”

He laughs at his own joke. This body has no energy left for such after straining stomach muscles contracted again and again to push against his thrusts.

“Whatever you wish, Master.”

When i serve sushi ordered from a favorite restaurant our private joke brings great joy to both the Honorable Master Neil Bryce and his slave. For i, mickey wilson, live the charmed Japanese phenomenon of hikikomori. My life is replete in Master.

We both sleep well this night. My dreams are untroubled and vague, nothing worth recalling.

When Zsa Zsa’s yapping wakes me early, i rush so Neil doesn’t wake. My chastity belt goes on under street clothes for her daily walk.

Our puppy’s recovered quickly from being spayed and frantically wags her tail when I get the leash. Similar straps pleasantly chafe my thighs as we stroll. i look at the ground when she barks excitedly at neighbors preparing for their morning commute.

They’ve given up trying to speak to me. And if they wonder at my quiet existence, i don’t know. My generous lord handles all requisite interaction with outsiders. He takes care of me.

~the end~

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