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Love's Exotic Odyssey, by B.K. Wright


Cultural divisions are proven insignificant where true love abounds. “Love’s Exotic Odyssey” is exemplary of an extraordinary passion and friendship between two persons who unknowingly are searching for the other. Disregarding societal mores, two persons become friends and lovers despite having grown up in two very opposing cultures.

He turned to ask Braden about his new job, and noticed that Braden was looking directly at him. He was afraid he had missed something that Braden had said and began to apologize. “I’m sorry, Braden, were you saying something? I seemed to have been lost in a daze.” Embarrassed that Kang had obviously caught him staring at him, Braden could feel the heat rising to his face as he said, “uh, no, I was just thinking about tomorrow and what needed to be done at the clinic.” He hated to lie, but was too afraid to tell Kang what he was really thinking, at least right now.

As he reached the top of the staircase, through the door of the room that had been left slightly ajar Braden could see the beauty of Kang’s skin and the perfect physique of his young body as he slowly undressed. Braden didn’t mean to stare but found that his feet would not move. He stood and watched as Kang’s shirt was pulled up over his head, and the color and contours of his back made Braden feel a tightening of his jeans.
They parted at the top of the staircase, and as Braden walked toward his bedroom he turned around to get one last look at Kang before he retreated into what he knew would not be restful slumber. As Braden turned around for this last look, Kang was stripping off his shirt on his way to a much needed sleep. Braden stopped and stared. He couldn’t stop himself from staring at this young man’s perfectly sculpted physique. Even the muscles of his back were in perfect form, and as the door closed behind Kang, Braden found himself staring at the door to the room that had just swallowed his new friend, and he envisioned the entirety of Kang’s body naked in the bed at the end of the hall.
As they neared the Falls, they could feel the coolness of the water as the mist rose up to kiss the atmosphere. They stopped once before arriving at their hotel to get a better view of the magnificence that they would be enjoying from their own suite, though this was Braden’s surprise for Kang. At the lookout area, Braden and Kang sat on one of the benches and were absolutely mesmerized by the view. Kang noted the tourists enjoying a boat tour through the Falls, and was hoping that Braden would choose to do this too. Although this was Braden’s first trip to Niagara Falls as well as Kang’s, Braden was captivated by the wonderment he was seeing in Kang’s eyes. He wanted this vacation to be one that Kang would never forget. He wanted it to be the best week of Kang’s life.

~B.K. Wright~
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