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A miracle of lace...

Another snippet featuring David and Chris...I could post one of these every day and not run out of them for a year I think. These are not part of any larger work, just part of my fevered imagination.


Moonlight cut a wide swath across the beach, foam left from a wave stood up like lace and sparkled in the reflected light. Fingers twined, each dangling a champagne flute, they were careful not to break down the lace as they walked.

"A miracle of lace against the heavens...."

Chris turned to look at him, his profile strong against the darkness, "You're tipsy old man."

David's lips curved up into a slight smile and he turned to gaze down into Chris's eyes, "Am not."

Halting their steps Chris turned to face the waves and lifted his glass for another sip. "You're spouting absurdities about lace."

"Not absurd...just a line from our commitment ceremony. Five years ago too long for you to remember?"

Chris turned, wrapped his arms up around David's neck, pressed his body close. "You amaze me. You remember the littlest things, make each into a daily celebration." He lowered his gaze to David's lips, "Maybe that's why I love you so..."

"No Chris... you love me because I still dance."

He began to move then, to silent music that filled his brain. But as he moved Chris fell into step, the music echoing through his own brain as if they shared their thoughts. Soon they drifted from the moonlight's kiss into the shadows where lovers continue their dance in the dark.

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