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THE SECRET TRILOGY by Francine Saint Marie

EXCERPT: 'Seduction' Scene/Book One of The Secret Trilogy (Three novels. Two women. One epic love story.) By Francine Saint Marie
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

After an eternity of foreplay Sharon still wouldn’t penetrate her and Helaine’s womb had begun to hurt from aching for it. The excitement in her chest had turned against her, too, and she felt a sadness there instead, a desire to weep. She sighed miserably into her lover’s neck and upon hearing it Sharon stopped what she was doing, rested her weight on Helaine so she couldn’t get up from the bed.

"Don’t want to play, doctor?"

"Sharon…" Helaine let go of her back and tried to slide out from underneath her, but Sharon went rigid and wouldn’t permit it. "Sharon, please," she said in frustration. Her breasts were tender and the weight on them was unpleasant. She shifted her body to throw her off and Sharon grabbed her by the wrists and pinned her to the pillow. She tongued her stomach, pushing hard into the belly button and Helaine arched her back and sighed again.

"Make love to me, Sharon," she urged. She felt her biting at her nipples again and defensively jerked them away from her mouth. "Don’t. Just make love to me."

"I hate that word," Sharon warned, biting at her neck.

"Don’t do this. Why are you doing this?" Teasing, teasing. She groaned in exasperation. "Make love to me, Sharon."

Sharon laughed into the pillow. "That word. You know I–"

That’s right. Forgot. It had been so long. "Then fuck me–fuck me, if that’s what you like."

Sharon let her wrists go. "Like? What I like?"

"Like. Want. I don’t know," Helaine murmured, rolling onto her stomach. "Whatever."

Every part of her ached. She lay still, thoughts churning, searching for something better to say. Nothing came to mind. Between her legs she was quite swollen. She closed her eyes tight. The brilliant lights. She wanted them off now. Perhaps she could sleep, sleep away the fog that had settled on her soul tonight. Beside her Sharon had fallen ungodly quiet. She could feel the woman’s malice and wasn’t sure where it had come from. Tonight was bad. It was as if she had been watching herself all evening. Nothing seemed natural. She put her hand over her eyes. She hated being speechless.

"How long have I been gone, Helaine?"


It had been nine months. Helaine desperately needed sex. Playing games all night had made it an impossibility, too awkward. The woman beside her felt like a stranger, an immovable stranger in her bed, laying motionless and hostile. Why, she didn’t know. "Sharon? What is wrong?"

No response. Perhaps because she hadn’t gone to the flat to look for her? Sharon hated coming uptown. Not her set. Too quiet. "Sharon…?" She listened to the sound of Sharon’s body snaking across the sheets toward her. The touch of a stranger. She jumped at the feel of it and waited for her to speak, trying to interpret her silence.

"Masturbate for me," Sharon finally said, lying heavy on Helaine’s back and probing along her sides.

Helaine tried to turn over. "Sharon…no." A police hold, or something like it. "Don’t be rough with me. I don’t like it."

"Don’t? How long have I been gone, I asked."

"Shar–" Harsh hands. "Nine months."

"Like? Want?" She pushed Helaine’s face into the pillow. "Whatever?"

"Sharon, you’re hurting me. I can’t breathe."

"Love," Sharon teased as she leaned into her, "masturbate for me, I said."


"Or else."

"I don’t like this. I really don’t."

Sharon felt between Helaine’s legs. "Liar."

Helaine brought her legs together. It was difficult to breathe.

"Call me darling, Dr. Kristenson. You haven’t–open your legs–called me darling all night."

Darling? Was that true? All night? Helaine lay quiet and still.

"Against your will then, doctor. What do you say to that?"

"I would never forgive you for it."

Sharon attempted to pry her legs apart. "Open, darling," she whispered, jabbing her chin into Helaine’s shoulder blade.

"If you don’t want to you don’t have to. Leave me be, Sharon."

"That would be darling, Dr. Kristenson."

Helaine felt her legs giving. "Please...I said forget it."

"Spread your legs for me."

"Listen to–"

"Do it."

"Sharon, I don’t–" her legs were open now.

The women lay locked in an ugly silence.

Helaine could hear her Sharon’s rapid breathing. Hot breath on her back. "Sharon?" She strained to see her, but couldn’t maneuver it. Sharon pressed down harder. "For godsakes, Sharon," she said through her teeth. "Let me go!"

Sharon released her arms. Helaine tried propping herself up on her elbows and was pushed down again. She listened behind her. "Darling…?" There she said it. The sound of breathing, more weight on her back. "Talk to me, Sharon. Tell me what I’ve done."

"I don’t want to talk. I’m concentrating."

"Concentrating? Please! On what?"

"Fucking you."

Helaine took a quick breath, exhaled. "Then at least let me turn over." More weight. She laid her face back into the pillow.

"You have such a perfect ass, Dr. Kristenson."

Sharon fondled her, running her hand up her sex. Helaine felt moist on her backside.

"The nicest I’ve had in months," Sharon drawled, feeling Helaine’s body stiffen at the offense. She pushed against her anus.


"You heard about all that, didn’t you?"

Helaine tried once more to get up and failed.

"Easy," Sharon warned, tightening her grip.

Helaine froze.

"Perfect, Helaine Kristenson." She licked the small of her back and entered her in the rectum.

Helaine gasped and tried to fight her off.

Sharon withdrew and held her down again.

"Sharon, don’t do this to me. Please."

"We’ll just take a little ride, Helaine." She dragged the blond kicking across the bed and bent her over the edge of it.

They were both out of breath, the sheets massed around them.

"You’re ruining me, you know? I can only do blonds now."

Ruined. Helaine was silent, her hair sticking to her neck and shoulders, stuck to her face. She tried to raise herself. Sharon leaned against her damp body and entered her once more. She stifled a scream.

"Where are you when I’m not fucking you, Dr. Kristenson?"

"I’m–this is–I’m–" Sharon had been hostile ever since she stepped through the door. Helaine tightened. "I’m not ready for thi–"

"Because you’re too tense. Relax doctor."

A flash of pain. Helaine groaned. "You’re being too–" Sharon pushed deeper inside and Helaine moaned low in distress.

"When I’m not fucking your gorgeous ass, Helaine, where do you go?"

There was nothing to grab onto. It was pointless to answer. Sharon pushed into her and pulled out suddenly. In, then out again. Helaine put her hand over her eyes. They were wet.

"Relax your legs for me."

"Christ–" Her feet barely touched the floor. She grabbed for the sides of the bed but couldn’t reach them.

"Chill, I said."

Her arms were falling asleep. "Give me…a second. I’m–" Her rectum felt full. She felt it begin to move in spasms. Pleasure for the first time in months. She hated herself for it. Sharon pressed against her stomach with her free hand and raised her up slightly from the bed. She clutched at the sheets around her in protest.

"Did I keep you waiting, doctor?"


"Did I?"

Helaine’s insides rippled in waves, giving out without her consent. "What–what do you mean?"

"Waiting for me. I kept you waiting?"

"Waiting," she repeated. "I–" spasms. Pleasure and pain. "Yes." And hatred, coming in waves. Tidal. She couldn’t prevent it. "Jesus…" Cries filled her throat, slipping off her tongue and falling from her lips into the bed sheets. She put her face into the pillow to smother them. Moans, sighs, cries, Sharon’s favorite. She hadn’t earned them tonight. "You’re hurt–"

"Then relax for me."

The pillow was wet. "I…slower…can’t."

"Call me darling then."

"Slower. Slower then…darling."

Slower. Helaine relaxed her legs. Slow. She clamped her hand over her mouth. Slow, slow, slow, slow, slow, slow, slow, slow.

"Love," Sharon whispered. "God, I missed you."

Pleasure. Nine months. Helaine moaned.

"Ahh…you’re a slut, Dr. Kristenson," Sharon murmured, kissing her shoulders and neck. "Do it for me. Masturbate."

Helaine shook her head.

"Pretend I’m someone else."

She would not. "Let go of me, Sharon."

"Never--did you miss me?"

Her legs were closing once more. They were forced open again.

"Want to hear some highlights from my trip, Dr. Kristenson?"

Helaine winced.

No reply. Sharon pushed deeper inside her. "Lift," she demanded.

"I…my feet."

Sharon inched her further down. "Bend, Helaine."

"I can’t."

"There," Sharon urged, placing a pillow under her stomach. "Now bend."

"You’re going to hurt me...?"

"No. Bend for me. Put your knee here."

Helaine lifted her knee. Sharon pushed. "You didn’t answer me."

"You’re–why are you–"

"Say more, like you missed me. More, darling."


"More, Helaine. Then I’ll be gentle."


"More, darling."


Sharon dropped her weight.

Pressure. Too much pressure. "More, darling," Helaine finally whispered, "gentle."

"Gentle what?" Sharon nudged.

"Gentle, darling...."

Slow and gentle and more.

"Say it, Helaine."

Her legs ached. "What–more?" She regretted letting Sharon in tonight.

"Fuck me–say it."

Helaine buried her face into the sheets. Pain more than pleasure now. Sharon’s face was close to her own. She turned away from it. "Fuck me," she muttered, clenching her fists.

"Italy. Beautiful country, Helaine."

Helaine sucked in sharply.

"Italy, dear doctor."

Pressure. Helaine cried out.

Such a beautiful count–"


"Warm. Affectionate blonds," Sharon teased, now stroking Helaine’s sex.

Helaine let out an anguished sigh, a series of muffled sobs. Then silence. Sharon held her closer. "So fucking beautiful. Such a beautiful little–" she backed her body into hers. "You’re so w–"

"Sharon, Jesus…please…please, don’t talk to me anymore." Her arms and legs felt broken. She let them fall slack.

"Dr. Kristenson?"

Helaine pressed her mouth into her arm and made a sound in her throat.

"Beautiful," Sharon murmured into the blond hair. "Beautiful," she said again, removing her hand from Helaine’s stomach and stroking between her own legs. "Helaine," she called softly...

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