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Where There's Smoke

Coming soon from Liquid Silver Books, Where There's Smoke - The Phoenix Prophecy Book 3.

A murderous father. A son with a price on his head. Zander’s year long affair with a mysterious woman ends when she tells him that her abusive mate is the father he’s never known. The woman, a prophesy dreaming immortal known as the Phoenix, explains that Zander has three brothers and that his father has killed their mothers. Now, the Phoenix has dreamed of her mate’s death and Zander’s destiny. Voth is the Phoenix’s successor and Zander’s true mate. The two set out to find Zander’s brothers while eluding the assassins sent after them by Zander’s father. Their physical journey echoes their emotional one as the two learn to care for each other as mates. Passion burns hot between them, sealing their fate, because where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

The massive truck and trailer rig that threatened to flatten him and Voth didn’t unnerve him half as much as the crackle in his helmet when the radio in Voth’s helmet went dead. Zander stopped his bike in a turnout surrounded by pines on the side road Voth had directed him to. His heart thumped painfully. While he waited for Voth, he thought about everything that had happened in the past few days.

His life had suddenly begun moving in fast forward, it seemed. Meeting Voth and mating him gelled a lot of things in his mind. Since his mother’s death and leaving the Clan, Zander had pondered his future. He just hadn’t come up with any answers. He’d drifted aimlessly, living only for the days that Nix came to see him. He understood now why he’d been so drawn to her. She was the Phoenix, as Voth would be after her. His metaphysical connection to Voth was why Nix had been so important to him.

To his mate, Nix was family, the only mother he’d ever known. To have her be a part of their lives in the future would be no hardship, and Zander didn’t even feel awkward about the fact that he’d been her lover. If it didn’t bother Voth and Nix, it didn’t bother him.

Turning off the bike, he took off his helmet and paced, antsy for Voth to arrive. Four days didn’t seem like a lot of time to have with someone, but since the Vashon believed in love at first sight and predestined mates, Zander didn’t have any difficulty accepting Voth. However, he was stunned at how deeply he’d come to care for his mate in such a short time. Before whispering the words into his helmet, Zander didn’t think he’d said them although he’d thought them. Since sex with Voth tended to end up with his brain in an unfocused haze, he didn’t know if he’d ever spoken them in the heat of passion. But danger had a way of pulling the truth from you, forcing you to acknowledge it.

Boots crunching in the gravel, he paced, senses on high alert, Zander’s eyes scanned the turnout. Pine branches dipped low, giving the small area a cocooned feeling. The mountain highway didn’t seem to get a lot of traffic, and the side road he was on apparently got none. The silence closed in on him. Deep in the forest, the sounds of the animals were muted which made every crunch of his boots excruciatingly loud. His nerves wouldn’t let him relax until he knew for certain that Voth was okay. Worry clenched his jaw tightly, and his muscles bunched. Fear hadn’t crept in yet, but that was only a matter of time.


Zander ran a hand through his tangled hair. Where the hell was he? How long did it take to shift and fly here? Or maybe he’d gotten away from the truck…
The cry of a bird pulled his gaze skyward. The trees were so tall only a small patch of blue was visible. But in that patch floated a brown bird with a long tail. A huge sigh of relief escaped him. He strode over to the bike and ripped off his jacket, reaching into a pocket for his bandanna. He wiped the cold sweat off the back of his neck and gazed at his hands, surprised to see they trembled slightly. The Phoenix had gotten to him. Owned him, cock and balls, flesh and bone, heart and soul, in fact. Owned him so thoroughly that Zander didn’t know what he would have done if Voth hadn’t appeared.

The regal phoenix flew into the turnout and instantly shifted to the naked form of Zander’s mate. Heart thundering, Zander moved swiftly to Voth’s side. He grabbed his mate by the biceps, noting absently that they were so big his fingers couldn’t wrap around them.

“Are you okay?” he asked in a harsh, demanding tone.

Voth smiled angelically, his hands coming up to sink into Zander’s hair. “I’m fine. Better than fine.” He bent and kissed Zander tenderly. “You said you loved me,” he whispered against Zander’s lips.

A groan escaped Zander and relief poured through his body. He gripped Voth’s muscular buttocks. “I do love you,” he admitted. “I don’t know very much about you, but I know who you are in here.” He tapped Voth on the center of his naked chest.

“And I love you.”

Voth’s smile widened to a grin. “I love you too, Zander. The moment I saw you, my heart stopped. Then it started beating like a wild thing. Every cell in my body and every metaphysical bit of my soul came alive when I met you.”

Zander stroked his hands lovingly over Voth’s hard body. Voth tugged at Zander’s clothes. Voth kissed him again, this time with rising passion underscored with the love they both felt.

“Here. Now. I need you now, Zander,” Voth rasped, his fingers seeking his mate’s already hard cock.

“Fuck. We’re in the middle of nowhere,” Zander groaned, but his hips thrust his cock into Voth’s fist.

“Just get naked.”

Voth’s command had Zander breaking from their embrace to stride over to the motorcycle. He shucked out of his clothes, tucking them haphazardly into a saddlebag before shoving his feet back into his boots to protect them from the gravel. When he was naked, Voth’s hands stroked over him, sending his already out-of-control libido soaring. He groaned and Voth’s tongue flicked over his tight nipples. Then Voth crouched on his haunches, his mouth sucking at Zander’s balls, his fist clenched tight around Zander’s thick erection.

His fingers sank into the rich waves of Voth’s hair as his lover licked and sucked and stroked him. Shudders wracked him and lust and love swirled in equal parts through every molecule of his being. Voth’s hot, sucking mouth almost felt better than the heat of his ass, and Zander fought to keep from coming too soon. Just when he thought he wouldn’t be able to hang on another minute, Voth slid his mouth off Zander’s cock.

“Lube. Where’s the lube, babe?”

Zander blinked, his eyes unfocused and his brain a haze of lust. His need to come subsided a little, but his balls hurt like hell. His entire groin was on fire.

Voth chuckled and stood, sliding his hard body against Zander’s. “Lube?” he repeated.

Zander’s brain had shorted out. Voth rubbing against him just made him that much more delirious. Every inch of his skin was an erogenous zone. “I dunno,” he mumbled, staggering as he turned toward the bike’s saddlebags.

Voth caught him in his arms, hugging him so hard Zander thought he heard his bones pop. “Get on the bike,” he whispered in Zander’s ear and licked the fluted edge. “I’ll get it.”

Bike? Get on the bike? How could either of them fuck or be fucked on the damn bike, he thought hazily, his ear tingling from Voth’s wet caresses.

He threw one shaky leg over the bike, settling onto the wide leather seat and grabbing the handlebars for balance. He leaned forward, lying on the gas tank, the cool metal soothing his passion-fired skin. The heat of Voth’s body settled behind him and warm, damp lips trailed down his spine.

“Lift up.” Voth’s soft words accompanied his hands, pulling Zander’s hips higher.

With booted feet braced on the gravel, Zander locked his knees, pushing his ass into the air. Voth’s lubed fingers traced his crease, and Zander moaned, his breath leaving fog on the enameled metal tank. A little bubble of amusement penetrated his sex-fogged brain as he realized Voth was about to fuck him on his own motorcycle. The thought amused him and sent his arousal rocketing through the roof at the same time.

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