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Desire Ordained, by B.K. Wright

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” Shakespeare’s words resonated through Curt like never before. In his first role as leading man, Curt quickly discovers that art truly does imitate life. Focused on his own glory, Curt soon realizes that through his acting he gives hope to one who has little. Victimized by organized religion, an institution which boasts as its leaders those who are ordained to satisfy their sexual urges and desires as they choose, Curt’s character quickly becomes real. It is through this leading role that Curt meets the only man who can satisfy his sexual hunger, and who loves with a selflessness that Curt has never known.
Curt knew that he was becoming too involved with his own role, but he couldn’t seem to stop. He had always become a part of the roles that he played which did make him a good actor, but it also had its downside. Sometimes without knowing it Curt would internalize his character and actually believe that he was the character he was playing.
They passed many establishments as they walked in the Village. Curt loved it. This was his world. If only he had someone with whom to share it. He would love to be walking hand in hand with a special someone. It had been a long time.
Curt walked into a room with a very inviting whirlpool with its shooting jets of water making the water bubble. The room was very well decorated and very clean, with a sign that read, “No clothing allowed.” Curt had no problem with that. The water was warm as Curt lowered himself until he was seated in front of one of the jets. The water felt good on his stiff muscles. The roar of the jets and the bubbling water blocked out any intrusive sounds, and were lulling Curt into a very relaxing state. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the side of the pool. In his dreamlike state, Curt did not hear the door open, nor did he hear the man walk in and join him naked in the pool. The man watched Curt as the buoyancy of the water bobbed his body up and then back down in the water. The man stood in the water, watching and waiting for Curt’s erection to take shape.
The whirlpool would feel good tonight. He put the key in the lock and turned the knob. This was a different room with much different décor. He will be here soon, he thought. Curt closed his eyes and thought about the last time. His hands had let go of the side of the pool and his body was floating freely in the water when he felt his legs open wide and those same huge hands wrap around his upper thighs. Taken by surprise once again, Curt reached for the side of the pool to steady himself.
He stroked Curt’s smooth hair while he slept soundly. Curt’s arms were straight out in front of him with his head on Daniel’s abdomen. His face was turned toward Daniel. Curt looked peaceful. Daniel wanted his bed to be the place where Curt found greatest peace. Curt had kicked the sheet off of him sometime during the night and his naked form was beautiful as the rays of sun formed a spotlight on the area that formed an inverted V where his legs parted, that special place that he shared so unselfishly. Curt mumbled something and repositioned himself across Daniel so that his butt now formed an arc displaying the treasures hidden beneath.
The very first picture that appeared on the screen was that of Curt’s character with a very anguished look on his face. The room quieted as many of the kids saw themselves in the anguished face on the screen. The title of the film, “Desire Ordained”, filled the screen amid flames and crosses. The sound effects were fantastic and only added to the passion contained within the movie.

~B.K. Wright~

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