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First, Do No Harm, by B.K. Wright

In some societies, those held in highest esteem are awarded zero tolerance for failure. What oftentimes goes unnoticed, however, is the same zero tolerance which these esteemed members award themselves. It is through the infallibilities of these members that we are often forced to realize our own imperfections. In “First, Do No Harm”, one such member of society must realize his own imperfections if he is to allow himself the opportunity to experience love in its most imperfect form.

Kenton Weston had been accepted to the country’s first, and in the opinion of many the very best medical school in the United States. The University of Pennsylvania is a private research university and a prominent member of the Ivy League whose founder was none other than the great Benjamin Franklin, and Kenton had felt very privileged to have been accepted to its medical school and be taught medicine by some of the best in their field. The University of Pennsylvania, or Penn, as it was more familiarly known, was home to a teaching hospital like no other. The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP) is huge and its medical system extensive. After a decade of intensive study and practical application, Kenton Weston had been very well prepared to assume his rightful place among the best in his field. Upon completing his residency in surgery, Kenton had been asked by none other than the chief of surgery himself to continue his studies which would culminate in his becoming more than he had ever thought possible. Kenton Weston had become a transplant surgeon. If there was one thing that was missing in the life of Kenton Weston, it was someone special with whom to share his life. He had placed his outside interests on hold for so long that he had almost forgotten what they where. After having lived for over a decade now in Philly, Kenton had seen very little of this city which was so rich in history. Kenton knew that education extended far beyond the classroom and as well beyond the confines of the hospital, and had promised himself that he would take full advantage of this extracurricular education. Thus far, however, he had not. He had yet to visit Independence Hall where the Declaration of Independence was signed, the Liberty Bell, as well as the many other historic sites which claimed Philadelphia as their home such as the homes of Edgar Allan Poe and Betsy Ross. Art museums had long been a favorite of Kenton, and he had allowed himself one day years ago the luxury of discovering the many treasures found in the Philadelphia Museum of Art which features the steps made famous in the movie Rocky. Concerned for his social life or lack thereof, many of Kenton’s former fellow students and now colleagues had offered to “fix him up” with a special woman they knew. What they didn’t know, and what he Kenton had chosen never to divulge to any of them, was that Kenton was gay.

Michael thought about all that had occurred between him and Kenton. He certainly didn’t want this one to get away. Jeff had given him this blessing, so what was holding him back? The answer to that question was “nothing.” Michael needed to talk to Kenton before he did rounds. He headed up the stairs and into his room.
Kenton broke free from Michael’s hold, and turned to face him. They looked at each other, and then kissed each other, the kiss of longing for that which until now had not been fulfilled. They kissed slowly but not hesitantly. This was a kiss not to be hurried.

Jeff got out of bed and walked to the door of Kenton’s room. He looked in and noticed that Kenton was sleeping. Kenton was naked, at least from the waist up, which is where the covers stopped. Jeff slowly and quietly walked into Kenton’s room and stood at the foot of the bed. As Jeff watched the rise and fall of Kenton’s chest with his slow steady breathing, he wondered what comprised Kenton’s thoughts. Did he always see the world through the eyes of a physician, or were there times when he thought of life in its simplest and most natural form?
After watching Kenton for awhile, Jeff walked around to the side of the bed opposite from where Kenton was sleeping, and quietly climbed into bed. He pulled the covers up over his naked body and lay on his back staring up at the ceiling. He squeezed his eyes shut tight as if to give himself courage. Turning onto his side, he moved closer to Kenton until he was close enough to put his arm over him and rest it on Kenton’s chest. Kenton was immediately awakened when he felt Jeff’s hand on his chest. He turned onto his back. “Jeff, are you okay, are you feeling okay?” Jeff’s hand did not leave Kenton’s chest as he said, “I don’t think of you as an old man, Kenton”, and then kissed him on the mouth. Kenton and Jeff remained as they were, each holding the other, feeling the same feelings, though neither thinking the same thoughts. Jeff was feeling so much love for Kenton and thinking about their wonderful future together. Kenton was feeling love for Jeff, but thinking of the harm that could come from this relationship, hurting both of them.

~B.K. Wright~Find me on the GLBT bookshelf, and www.beautobeau.com.

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