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Origination by R.E. Blakeslee

This is a 475 word excerpt from Origination by R.E. Blakeslee. You can find more information on Lillibridge Press at GLBT Bookshelf.

Length: Novel | 460 pages | Trade Paperback
Price: $18.95 Print
Cover by Rebecca Price


"Confidently we send the Seed with The Betylos encapsulated. He will be reborn on the blue planet and remind the men their women are cunning, lustful creatures. Let them embrace The Philosophy as we have..."

On a rainy night, naïve, eighteen-year-old Eran Aeggle flees his childhood home, stumbling across an extraordinary stone. He picks it up, and with a bright flash of light, he falls unconscious. When Eran wakes he is unable to explain what happened or why he's so fascinated by the peculiar rock. Did it cause the two tattoos of an unknown origin on his shoulders?

Buffalo, New York - 2075

As Eran's need to attend The Alluvium Institute and become a botanist matures, so does his attraction to Simon Duncan, a handsome artist. It seems as if fate has brought them together. However, life is not meant to be an ever-blooming garden... Will Eran nurture their growing love or let it wither from uncertainty? How can Eran accept the destiny aliens set out for him if he doesn't believe? Will he let his turbulent past drag him into darkness?

As wide-eyed citizens of the City of Light live unknowing, a sadomasochistic killer stalks the night. But there is hope - in the moonlight a reluctant hero soars on wings of mysterious illumination. If only Eran could find the courage to realize...


Panic inundated Eran, washing up into his face. The man he had saved from drowning sat across from him. Eran didn’t know what to do or say. Simon stared into Eran’s eyes and he couldn’t look away, but wanted to. Oh, how he wanted to. Suddenly he realized he’d gotten the wish he had made on the top of the Albright Knox Art Gallery. He was gazing into Simon’s eyes and now, more than ever, Eran needed to know what went on behind them. Did Simon recognize Eran? Did he know Eran saved his life? What was Simon thinking? Goddess, what is he thinking?

Simon’s gaze lingered a second longer as if he knew Eran’s dark secret. His heart pounded like the steel the construction men had rammed into the earth. Simon cocked his head and reached across the table with his hand outstretched. “So—what’s up, Eran?”

“Um, not much.” Well, at least it seemed Simon didn’t remember because he said nothing about it, which soothed Eran’s fears. Eran’s heart rate slowed, but didn’t quite calm. He glanced away, wiping his palm, hoping he wasn’t sweating.

Simon looked at his music player. He was more handsome than Eran remembered, perhaps because it had been dark and rainy the other night. He didn’t remember Simon’s lips being so red. In fact, they reminded Eran of the succulent strawberries he had eaten as a child, which had grown wild on the hillside back in Farmington. Did they taste as sweet? And right now, as Simon smiled, his bright, green eyes accented those lips beautifully. His teeth were bright white, like he only ate marshmallows so as not to stain them.

“What are you guys up to?” Eran asked when he dragged his eyes from Simon’s.

“We’re going to Delaware Park—Hoyt Lake. Simon thinks some rescuer pulled him out of the water last night.” She smirked devilishly.

Eran’s heart did a slingshot, and then another. He swallowed hard, his anxiety rising.

“Tee Tee—Come on.” Simon tilted his head sideways, rolling his eyes.

“Says he had fiery, blue wings and skin like a ghost and not to mention, no shirt. I think he hit his head a little too hard,” she sniggered.

Oh, think of something to say…think of something to say. Eran smiled awkwardly. Finally, he said louder than intended, “Well...well, that’s absurd!” He drank another bit of coffee, which had cooled slightly.

“Exactly,” Tee Tee said. “If you’re up for a little mystery we’re going down there and you’re welcome to come. It’ll be an adventure!” Tee Tee’s voice rose again at the R. She glanced at Simon, who rolled his eyes.

“Well, ah… I don’t have anything else to do.” Eran replied in a calmer tone. He wanted to go. Needed to go. He must know what Simon remembered.

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