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The Storm -- Rowena Sudbury

This is a little flash fiction that I wrote several years ago. I'm always interested in where people find inspiration. This inspiration came from a long buried memory. I myself am frightened of storms, especiallythunder and lightning. One night I stood outside, on a picnic table actually, with my whole family as the eye of a storm passed over us. I filed that memory away, and eventually it came out as this story.

The story contians explicit material.

The Storm

The winds lashed the house unmercifully and bowed the trees in the yard. The full fury of the storm had arrived, bringing great ringing crashes of thunder and blinding displays of lightening. At first the sleepers were unaware, but eventually they both awakened to experience the seeming hell that had come to earth.

A gasp was torn from Jay’s mouth as he awakened during a monstrous clap of thunder. At first he curled up into a ball, immobilized. As the horrifying sound of the thunder passed, he opened his eyes and peeked out from under the edge of the covers, only to find he was alone in the bed.

“CHRIS!” The terrified scream was torn from his lips as he rose from the bed, groping blindly about the room.

“Hush little one, I’m here,” came the soothing response.

Jay’s cold clammy hands closed over his lover’s arms and he buried his face against his chest, eyes squeezed tightly shut, quivering with fear. Chris’s hands were warm against his skin as he soothed him lovingly.

“What’s wrong,” he asked attentively.

“The storm,” Jay choked out, tensing as a resounding crack of thunder broke over the house, accompanied by a blazing flash of fire in the sky.

“Mmm,” Chris said, the sound rumbling through his chest. “Isn’t it amazing?”

Jay made a squeaking sound as he hugged Chris tighter. “No, it’s not amazing,” he paused for a moment, panting in abject fear. “I’m scared.”

“Scared?” Chris asked in surprise. “Scared of what?”

Another thunderous crash, precipitated only slightly by the electric blaze of lightening surrounded them.

“That!” Jay said, gripping Chris tighter.

“Ah little one,” Chris crooned, raising Jay’s chin with his index finger. “Don’t be afraid of nature. Look at it, see the power.”

“Nooo,” Jay wailed, his face raised, but his eyes still tightly shut.

“Yes Jay, look, watch with me,” Chris said. He turned Jay around and pressed him against his chest, his arms wrapped firmly around his midsection. “Watch the awesome power.”

Against his will, Jay opened his eyes, seeing the trees nearly flattened to the ground with the intensity of the wind. The bay was a furious boiling of waves when the next stroke of lightening lit it. Somehow, the sound of the thunder was less startling as Chris squeezed him tightly just as it hit. Over the next several minutes Jay began to relax as the storm raged, listening intently to Chris’s steady speech in his ear, explaining how lightening and thunder occurred, how hurricanes formed, and generally providing a soothing commentary.

At last, the winds began to abate slightly, yet the sky still looked angry. Excitedly, Chris stepped back, dropping his arms from around Jay’s waist.

“The eye,” he said, stepping toward the door, throwing the locks open.

“Don’t!” Jay said breathlessly. “Don’t go out there!”

Chris turned, an inner light glowing from his eyes. “Yes. Little one, come with me. You will be amazed.”

“No,” Jay said, hanging back, even as Chris pulled on his hand.

Gently, Chris pulled Jay out on to the deck, across the wet surface to the railing. Once again he wrapped his arms around his body, hugging him tightly.

“Watch,” he said excitedly. “We’re in the eye of the storm, the safe harbor. Watch the clouds Jay.”

Still trembling, Jay turned in Chris’s arms, pressed his face against his shoulder and gripped his hands tightly together behind Chris’s back. He watched the skies, and soon saw what Chris meant. The breezes were calm around them, the mighty sound of the storm diminished to a roaring off in the distance.

“Look,” Chris urged.

Jay did look, and soon stepped back from Chris, walking a little way away, but still clutching his hand tightly. The lightening played back and forth between the clouds, yet the thunder was strangely muted. After a while his fear began to diminish, caught up in the wonder of watching the power from a distance.

“You’re right,” he whispered at last. “It’s beautiful.”

Chris grinned, sharing the magic. Soon, the winds became fiercer again, and Chris gently tugged Jay back inside the house. He stopped long enough to bolt and lock the door, then tore the curtains open and pulled Jay along after him back to the bed.

“Come,” he said softly. He positioned Jay on the bed near the foot. Gently, he nudged Jay’s hands up to grip the footboard of the bed, then moved around behind him.

“Watch the storm with me little one,” he whispered.

As the winds increased, and the thunder roared loudly again, Chris nuzzled against Jay’s ear. When the lightening flashed, his hand roamed down the front of Jay’s body and closed over his cock, slowly stroking it to life. His own cock hardened as he pressed it against his lover’s ass.

“See the power?” he asked as he reached behind him for the lube and slicked his fingers.

Jay’s breathing was coming in short gasps now as he felt Chris’s hands teasing against him.

“Hold the rail tightly,” Chris admonished as he worked his fingers in, stretching and nudging against his spot. “Don’t let go, don’t close your eyes.”

The storm was an angry gash against the sky now as Chris lightly nipped at Jay’s shoulder. Jay’s knuckles were white against the railing of the footboard.

When the storm raged full force again, Chris slipped his fingers free and sunk himself deeply into the tight warmth of his ass. One hand closed over Jay’s on the railing, the other closed around his cock.

“Feel it Jay,” Chris moaned in his ear.

Jay began a low moaning, his eyes wide on the storm, his hands tight on the bed.

“Watch it,” Chris urged, “See the power, feel the power.” His words were punctuated by sharp thrusts with his hips and strong squeezes of his hand.

“Oh … Chris,” Jay wailed.

“Watch the storm,” Chris said, nearly incoherent.

The full fury of the storm pummeled the house from outside as Chris continued the assault on Jay’s body inside.

“Come little one,” Chris hissed now, on the brink himself. “Come with me, with the storm…”

Just as a tremendous clap of thunder broke over the house, Chris thrust one more time, and erupted deep inside his lover’s body. Jay’s eyes slipped closed as his climax hit simultaneously with Chris’s. The house shook and the bed shook.

Turning them, Chris pulled Jay close to him, molding their bodies together. He covered them with the comforter and pressed Jay’s face tightly to his chest, still gasping for air.

Together, they rode out the rest of the storm, cuddled together in the cocoon of the comforter, taking and receiving solace in each other’s arms.

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Rowena Sudbury

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  1. Wow! Lovely telling. It's amazing what memories can trigger in our fiction.


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