Farewell from the Bookshelf!

Please note that GLBT Bookshelf -- the community wiki which was the parent to this fiction blog -- went offline on May 31, 2016, after seven years' service to members.

All Gay Romance will remain online till the end of 2016 in order to give contributors every opportunity to recover materials uploaded here.

Many thanks to all who contributed over the years, and good luck to everyone in your future works!


Beautiful You, by Shannon Pearce

Joined by fate, Jay and Eli have been together for five years now, enjoying a love that is as natural as nature itself. Jay has planned a very special weekend for his one and only lover far removed from the familiar. Their unity strengthens as their love for each other is renewed, and they are catapulted to a passion which is both physical and nonphysical, a passion which joins them on an ethereal plane.

Jay put his arm around Eli and pulled him close to him, burying his head in Eli’s hair and breathing deeply. “I have the entire weekend planned,” he said to Eli. He told Eli how much he loved him, and Eli looked into Jay’s eyes and smiled. Jay was lost in Eli’s beautiful brown eyes, as he was every time he looked into those eyes that were always full of wonder. In those eyes Jay could see and feel their love buried deep within their beauty. Jay breathed softly, and followed the line of Eli’s mouth to his chin. He followed that line to Eli’s soft neck and then further down to his body. He thought how lucky he was to have such a beautiful man to call his own. He thought back to the first day he met Eli, exactly five years ago this week while the two of them were still in college. Eli was the only man that Jay had ever loved, and the only man he was ever destined to love.
The sun was just setting as Jay stepped out into the warm night air. Eli walked onto the balcony and smiled as he stepped up to Jay and pulled him to him. They kissed as a light breeze caressed their almost naked bodies. Jay rubbed Eli’s soft, hard flesh with his hands as he recalled Eli’s body, the body which had given him so much pleasure for so many years. Jay moved away, uncorking the bottle of wine that had been delivered. He poured the red liquid into two glasses and handed one to Eli. Jay toasted to their lives together, present and past, and how they may always be intertwined, in body, in soul, and in spirit. They took a sip. Then Eli led Jay back into the bedroom, leaving the balcony doors open. He took Jay’s glass from him and set both glasses down. Eli took Jay’s arm and fell backward onto the bed, pulling Jay onto him. Jay reached to Eli’s shoulders and caressed them as he kissed Eli on his lips. He then moved to Eli’s ear and kissed the lobe, and then gently inside as he teased the inside before suckling gently on the lobe. Eli moaned softly, so quietly that it was almost inaudible. Jay kissed Eli’s chin, and moved down his neckline toward his arms. He kissed Eli’s shoulders and upper arms. He moved Eli’s arm from his side and kissed his fresh armpit, licking it gently. Eli closed his eyes and leaned his head back on the soft white bedspread. Jay moved to Eli’s hardening nipples and licked each one with the tip of his tongue.


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