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A Chance Taken, by Shannon Pearce

A Beau to Beau short story
Sensual and Sexual, with Passion, Pleasure, and Longing

Friends for years, Greg and Mike have laughed together, cried together, and learned together. Although Greg has now reached the pinnacle of his career, failed personal relationships have left him feeling empty and alone. The one person who knows him best understands Greg’s emptiness and knows exactly who can replace this emptiness with love and passion, and leads Greg to a life and love he would have never thought possible.

Greg was the chef of the group and had gone to Mike’s house early in the morning that day to prepare his prized prime rib with his special seasonings. Greg had stayed awhile afterward for coffee with Mike, and then had come over quite often during the day to check on the prime rib and to share another cup of coffee with Mike each time. Mike thought nothing of these frequent visits at first but as the day went on, he suspected that Greg wanted something more because he would linger a bit longer each time he came, just wanting to talk.
They were now standing face to face, their naked chests just inches apart. Mike gazed into Greg’s eyes as yet another tear slid down his face. Mike whispered, “Show me, Greg, you can do it.” Mike put his hand on Greg’s naked, hot shoulder, his skin warm against the hardness of his muscles. Greg moved closer to Mike until the hairs of their chests mingled, the heat of Greg’s thick hard chest muscles warming Mike’s own skin. They fell into a bear hug, with Greg’s face burrowed into Mike’s shoulder, as Greg began to sob quietly. Mike took Greg into his arms and held him tightly with one hand holding his head next to him, as he felt Greg’s chest heave with his sobs, his tears wetting Mike’s shoulder.
Slowly, Mike rubbed his hands across Greg’s back and down to his butt cheeks, exploring the huge muscles underneath the cloth of Greg’s pants as he felt Greg’s strength and his heat. Mike pushed Greg back a little, took his hands in his, and hooked Greg’s fingers into the waistband of his shorts. “Strip me, Greg,” Mike whispered, as he pushed his hands down, starting to slide his shorts over his hard cock and full and eager balls. Greg looked down at Mike’s cock emerging from the cloth, and he crouched to pull Mike’s shorts completely off, then freeing them from his feet, and then returning his gaze to Mike’s now completely naked manhood, his cock head oozing pre-cum, his shaft pointed toward the ceiling and throbbing to the beat of his own heart. Mike took Greg’s hand again, and placed it on the shaft of his cock. “Feel me, Greg,” Mike whispered. “I’m all yours.”
Slowly, Mike pulled Greg to the floor until he lay flat on the rug in front of the fire, his legs splayed open framing his hard, pulsing cock which rose high above the thick mass of his curly hair that surrounded his cock and balls, trailing up his hard, rippled abdomen into the curly matt of hair covering his hard chest. Mike straddled Greg’s head, his own hard cock now dancing above Greg’s hairy lips, his balls dangling down above Greg’s eyes. Mike’s lips explored Greg’s chest of thick hair and his tender nipples which stiffened to a hard bud as Mike sucked and licked each of them, rubbing his beard against Greg’s chest hair and across the hard buds until Greg moaned with desire each time Mike tasted his tender, hot nipples.


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