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DRESSING DOWN by Clare London

A FREE Valentine's Day story for you all!

DRESSING DOWN (adult content)

Did you ever read about the group of hapless friends in my Halloween Sip  The Mask? Well, Joey and his friends are back, but this time they're attending a Valentine's fancy-dress Party, following that familiar theme of "Tarts and Vicars" (or is that just a British pastime *hehe*?).

Vince is as good-looking and arrogant as ever and has acquired a rather snarky girlfriend. Bren and Cody are still the happy, uninhibited lovers, though Bren is struggling with looking after his cousin Ginger, and Cody seems to have uncharacteristic aspirations to a religious life. And, of course, Joey and Gaz are dating now. Joey is truly smitten, and he and Gaz have a plan for Gaz to overcome his nerves in a rather astonishing fashion.

They do say that clothes maketh the man...



LINK to the file because it's nearly 4k words and I'm not good enough at Blogger to get it all set out again in this format :)

Clare London, Author

Writing… Man to Man

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