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Spank Me Twice - Wins Best Erotic Book of 2009

Spank Me Twice recently won Best Erotic Book of 2009 at Love Romances Cafe. Here's an excerpt from the anthology written by Tara Nichols, Amber Skyze, Jude Mason and Keta Diablo.

More about Spank Me Twice here:  Noble Romance

And don't forget to read about Spank Me Twice on GLBT Bookshelf

Note: Keta Diablo's story "Lip Service" is a male/male contemporary.

Setup: Bryan is stuck out of town due to a mechanical problem with the plane. More than disappointed, Navarre figures out a way to go to Bryan, but is shocked to find another man in Bryan's room when he arrives.

* * *

The table is set with our best china.Wedgewood, the Florentine pattern. My hands tremble when I remove the linen napkins from the hutch drawer and place them to the left of the plates. Now, if I can only remember to light the tapered candles.Ocean Breeze, Bryan’s favorite—before he comes through the door.

I so want everything to be perfect as we celebrate our fifth anniversary. Glancing around our condo, I smile. Picture perfect, the way Bryan likes it. Maybe he’s forgotten about our latest tiff in the two weeks he’s been gone. He’d called several times from Japan and didn’t mention the ugly debacle, but I can’t place much stock in that. As lead Fashion Designer at Arpel’s, the man lives and breathes his job, particularly when on assignment. The last thing he’d think about is our fragile relationship. But it hadn’t been fragile until our latest fight. That’s why it’s so important I get everything right tonight.

I pour a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon -- no two-buck-Chuck for Bryan -- and plop into the club chair near the hearth. I allow myself a brief journey into the past, the day I met the most magnificent man God ever breathed life into. I took a job as an intern at Arpel’s under Bryan, and I do mean literally under Bryan. Watching the empty air, I recall the first time we made love. His penetrating blue eyes, that’s what I remember most, and the length and breadth of his cock when I first laid eyes on it.

If I’d had a lick of sense, I should have run. But I didn’t, and something deep inside me screamed, “You know this is what you’ve been waiting for all your life.” I succumbed, and willingly, and have spent every day since wanting more and more. Bryan is like a disease I can’t rid my body of, a shameless, delicious illness for which there’s no cure.

My cell phone vibrates in my pants pocket and draws me from my reverie. Bryan’s number flashes before my eyes and like Pavlov’s dog, my cock responds.

“Hi,” I say, wanting to hear the sound of his voice, yet wondering why he’s calling.

“I’ve got some bad news.”

“What, tell me?”

His voice wheezes with frustration and anger. “My flight got cancelled, some fucking wing flap dysfunction.”

 “Can’t you catch another one?” I ask, trying to concentrate on his words and dispel the sudden image of his magnificent face floating behind my eyelids. Why would God create such a masterpiece? The aquiline nose and erotic mouth, the perfectly shaped brows above the azure-blue eyes that hold ageless mystery and soulful passion?

“Navarre, we’re talking La-fucking-Guardia here, and to make matters worse there’s a National Guard Convention going on with five thousand delegates trying to fly out to Jersey.”

“So what are you saying?”

“I’m saying, there are no flights to Massachusetts for two days, and don’t bother asking about a rental car. I couldn’t rent a rickshaw right now.”

I pace my breathing and try to hide my disappointment. “No sense lighting the candles, I guess.”

“Look, I know it’s a special night, and I did my best to make it home, but . . . .”

“You remembered.”

In perfect sync with my shiver, he expels a long breath. How many times had I felt that warm, contented sigh against the nape of my neck?

“Yes, I remembered, and I’d give anything to be there . . . with you. “ The anger has left his voice, replaced by a seductive cadence that makes my cock pulsate with need. “That’s all I’ve thought about for two weeks, being inside you. I imagine you on the bed, on your hands and knees, and me plowing into you until we’re both mindless and spent.”

“Don’t, please. These past two weeks have been a storm of emotion for me. The fight . . . the nights alone, and I was so looking forward to.”

“And you think I’m not going through the same tangled feelings?” He pauses. “I’m sorry about getting on your ass about talking to Jay.”

“Jay means nothing to me; you should know that. It was casual conversation at a party, nothing more.”

“I’m such a dumb bastard, and I know it hurts you when I act like an idiot.”

“You do remember what you said, don’t you?”

“About Jay? Yeah, I said he couldn’t find his way in the dark with NVG’s on.”

“Night vision goggles, yes, you did.” I close my eyes and take my fill of his infectious laugh. “What else did you say?”

“Christ, I don’t remember, Navarre. Does it matter?”

“You said, ‘Two can play this game.’ What did you mean by that, Bry? I can’t get it out of my mind.”

“Listen, I say a lot of things when I’m pissed off, and don’t mean half of them, you know that.”

“That’s the problem; I’m trying to figure out if you meant it about the NVG’s or two playing this game.”

“Well, if I was there with you tonight, you wouldn’t have to wonder about which one I meant.”

My turn to sigh. “Did I hear a half-ass apology?”

A lengthy pause drones on and I imagine Bryan looking at the ceiling and then the floor. Finally, he speaks. “I’m sorry, Navarre, for the ugly words, but mostly, I’m sorry for not making it home tonight.”

“Half-ass apology accepted and I guess I’ll see you in two days then.”

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