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Along Came You, by BK Wright

Matthew had fallen for Greg Stevens and Matthew had fallen hard. Before Greg, Matthew had thought that finding true happiness was not meant to be, for him. When a mutual friend fixes him up with Greg, Matthew continues to doubt his chances for true love. Greg is much younger than he and just beginning his career. When Matthew shows Greg the carvings above the fireplaces that his grandfather had built years ago, Greg sees in them the same “sign” that Matthew had seen ten years earlier. When a baby girl is abandoned at the hospital where Greg works, he and Matthew wonder if the fireplace carvings could have been designed from a premonition of Matthew’s grandfather and that perhaps this wise man, years ago, had known what lay ahead for his grandson. All Romance ebooks, www.beautobeau.com

Greg quickly briefed his chief resident who would be finishing his rounds for him this morning, and then hurried to the school to pick up his daughter. What could possibly have happened? The school nurse had said that Nichole wasn’t feeling well, but hadn’t gone into detail. Fearing the worst as always, Greg hurried as fast as he could to be with Nicky. Out of breath after running from the parking lot to the school, Greg could barely speak when he walked into the nurse’s office. “What’s wrong? Is she sick? Did she fall?” “We’re not sure, Dr. Stevens. She said that her stomach hurt and that she wanted her daddy.” “Okay. Where is she?” The nurse led Greg to where Nichole was lying down on a cot. “What is it, baby? Does your tummy hurt?” Nicky nodded her head. “Do you want to go home?” Nicky nodded again. “Let’s go. I’ve got someone to cover for me at work.” Nichole took Greg’s hand and the two of them walked to the car. Once inside the car, Greg pulled Nicky onto his lap and held her like a baby. “What’s wrong, Nicky? Can you tell Daddy?”
It was late by the time they left the Space Needle, and Greg didn’t know where the day had gone. The week had seemed so long without Matthew, and the day with him had flown by. Matthew once again opened the car door for Greg and they drove back to Greg’s apartment. Greg put his hand on the door handle of the car, and Matthew said, “Wait, Greg”, and placed his hand on Greg’s arm. “I would love for you to see my house. It’s just twenty minutes out of the city. Let me make us dinner next Saturday night.” Greg thought about his schedule. “Absolutely, I’m not on call until the following Saturday.” Matthew walked Greg to his door, and this time Greg invited him in. Greg poured them a glass of wine, and they talked for awhile longer. “That was the best surprise, Matthew, the entire day with you, and especially the dinner in the sky.” Matthew set his glass down and then took Greg’s from him and set it down too. He held Greg’s hands and then moved his hands up along Greg’s arms. He held Greg’s arms and leaned toward him. Greg’s heart was beating hard and fast when he felt Matthew’s lips on his own. Matthew’s kisses were gentle and sweet, yet very passionate. Matthew put his arms around Greg, and Greg held Matthew in his. Matthew kissed Greg for several minutes, and then kissed him on the cheek. “I’d better go now,” he said. Greg hugged him after they stood up, before letting him go. “I had the best day, Matthew, and thank you for next Saturday.” “I will e-mail the directions to my house. I can pick you up if you like, though I am planning the most spectacular dinner for the two of us.” “Oh, I’m sure I can find it, but thanks,” Greg responded, so taken with Matthew he could barely speak. Matthew left, and Greg plopped down on the sofa. Greg was in love, or at the very least, smitten.
“Greg, I would love it if you stayed with me tonight, but please don’t feel pressured to do so. I won’t hold it against you if you don’t feel comfortable with staying, and I certainly will not stop seeing you. I like you a lot, Greg.” There, he had said it, and now the ball was in Greg’s court. Greg looked at Matthew with his endearing smile, his bright blue eyes sparkling. He kissed Matthew lightly on the lips. “I would love to spend the night with you, Matthew,” he whispered, as he moved closer. “I’ve thought about what it would be like waking up next to you.” Matthew pulled him closer and put his arms around him. They held each other for a long time, and then Matthew kissed Greg on his neck and then his cheek, and finally their lips met. It had been a long week without each other, and their lips seemed to know it too. They kissed more passionately tonight, more hungrily. Matthew led Greg to his bed, and the two of them unbuttoned the other’s shirts and took them off. Matthew pulled the covers back and invited Greg into his bed. The room was dark, but they undressed separately before getting into bed and moving toward each other. They embraced again, holding each other, kissing each other. Matthew was a passionate lover and took his time, two things that Greg was not accustomed to.
Matthew watched and waited for Greg to notice what he hoped he would notice within the carvings. “These are unique, Matthew.” “What do you mean, Greg?” “It appears that in each there is a carving of a man with a child, and in this one there are two men with a child, but no woman. That is interesting.” “I thought so, too, Greg, when I finally took the time to really see them,” Matthew remarked, as he walked up behind Greg and put his arms around his waist. He kissed him on the back of his neck. “I rarely came up here, and didn’t study these until probably ten years ago. I’ve often wondered what Grandfather was thinking when he had these put in. It’s a bit of a mystery, or perhaps Grandfather had some sort of premonition about his grandson.” Greg looked at Matthew. “Spooky, isn’t it?” “A little,” Matthew agreed.

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