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Many thanks to all who contributed over the years, and good luck to everyone in your future works!


Carnival, by B.J. Scott, Beau to Beau books

Carnival Week was looked forward to by every young male eager to experience his first “thrill” rides. Lou was eighteen this year and this was his night. The first night of Carnival Week was reserved for young men just like Lou, those who had “come of age” during the past year. Lou knew that every ride was different, and couldn’t wait to see which masked man would claim him for each new ride.

Victor left Lou alone just long enough to retreat into the side room and come back dressed like the other non-newbies. He wore the same mask, but wore a black robe instead of the jeans and shirt he had come in. Lou looked around. At least there were others like him, in jeans. “Nice robe, sexy,” Lou said. “You want what’s underneath, don’t you?” Victor teased back. “You know it.” Lou did want Victor. He would love to strip that robe off him right now.

Victor stuck his hand in Lou’s back pocket and pulled him into the room. “Here, have some punch,” Victor said, pouring them both a glass. “I think I’m ready for something stronger than punch, Vic.” “Try it and see.” Lou took a big gulp and then forced it down. “It’s not for kids,” Victor laughed. “Shit, what’s in this?” “The good stuff, trust me.” Lou knew that Victor liked his drink, but damn, this stuff was strong. Lou filled his glass a second time. Victor gulped his third, and took Lou by the hand.

They walked around the room, Lou looking at the masks, and Victor sizing up the newbies. The music was loud, and the dancing was wild. There were lights of all colors dancing around casting shadows on everyone. “This is fantastic, Victor.” Victor smiled at his young prize.


The music stopped suddenly. Lou stood still. The lights continued to dance, but otherwise the room was black. Lou shifted his weight from one leg to the other, until he felt someone’s arms on his hips and nice lips on his, forcibly opening his mouth. “Mm,” the man said. Lou liked being kissed by this man, and he opened his mouth more. “Mm,” the man said again, and then withdrew his lips from Lou’s. He shoved his hand between Lou’s legs and slowly brought it forward over Lou’s balls and upward along his newly formed erection.

A moment later the music began again and as Lou’s eyes adjusted to the light, he looked around trying to find the man whose lips had felt so good. The man was gone though, and soon his friend Victor was by his side once again. “Brought you some more punch. How was your first ride?” “Isn’t it obvious?” Lou looked down at his erection that had made a prominent outline in his jeans. Victor looked too, but just for a second. They had their masks back on, so the full effect of their eye expressions could not be seen. “Come on. Let’s join the others and dance.”

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