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Father Figure, by Shannon Pearce, Beau to Beau books

Lucas got his way, just like he always did. Luke was Janice’s baby brother, and being married to Janice, Jerry just had to accept the fact that Luke was part of a package deal. Jerry didn’t know that the kid thought of him as a big brother, or father figure, and wasn’t thrilled to be either. He wouldn’t have minded being either, except for one slight problem. Jerry was turned on by the kid. Jerry’s wife had known of Jerry’s bisexuality, but Jerry hadn’t been with a man since they had married. When Jerry and Lucas are alone on Saturdays while Janice is working, Luke tells Jerry quite a bit more about himself than Jerry wants to know. At 1Romance ebooks, All Romance ebooks, Amazon.

Luke loved to be the center of attention, and strutted around playing his electric guitar, imitating all the moves of his favorite rock star idols. Janice would tell him how great he was, and how all the girls would be throwing themselves on stage to get close to him. Jerry wouldn’t say anything, but was thinking that the kid should grow up and get a real job.

After Luke had been with Jerry and Janice for a few days, and after they had heard all his latest music, Jerry and Lucas had gotten the chance to talk over dinner and stuff, and Jerry realized that Lucas wasn’t such a bad kid, just hadn’t had the chance to be on his own yet and become his own person instead of trying to imitate some movie star or rock star, or whoever was his latest idol.

Jerry and Lucas started becoming friends after awhile, and Jerry thought that maybe Lucas wanted him to be a kind of older brother to him or maybe even a father figure, he wasn’t sure which. Their father hadn’t been around a lot when they were young. He was always on the road on business, and maybe that was a part of Luke that was missing.

Jerry wasn't sure he was comfortable with either of those two roles, big brother or father figure, because he was getting a little turned on just being around the kid. Jerry was bisexual, but hadn’t really thought of himself as gay, and when he married Janice he thought that his feelings for men were no longer a part of him. He realized that those feelings were far from gone when Lucas walked around in his tight jeans that showed a considerable bulge, and Jerry found himself fantasizing about grabbing it.


It was pretty obvious that there was nothing worth watching on, and Lucas asked what movies Jerry had. “See for yourself, man.” Jerry pointed to the cabinet by the set. “Take your pick. Just spare me the chick flicks your sister drags out.” Lucas looked at Jerry. He checked out the films in the cabinet. “Looks pretty G rated to me. What I meant was the ‘good movies’.” He winked at Jerry. “Where’s the good shit?”

“Oh, those. It’s been awhile, a long while.” “Well, sis isn’t here, now is she?” Jerry guessed it would be okay. He couldn’t come up with a good reason not to watch his old movies. He used to watch them all the time whenever Janice was out. But Jerry had gay porn as well as straight porn. “What would Luke think if he found one of those?” he wondered. “Well, okay, let me get some of my old stuff.” Jerry just thought that that’s what a couple of straight guys could do together. He could do that with this gorgeous hunk. No problem. “Let me pick,” Luke said, and tagged along, in usual little brother fashion. “Well, let him look,” Jerry thought, opening the cabinet at the back of his closet. Jerry wasn’t sure if Luke knew that he had chosen a gay porn flick, but he had, and it was one of Jerry’s favorites, a real hot one.

The movie was hot enough to make Jerry regret that he hadn't put on a pair of pants, because it wasn't long before he was hard. This movie always made him rock hard. It had been a long time since he had fooled around with a guy, and watching two guys get it on in front of him on a screen was almost too much for Jerry.


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