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A Piercing Desire, Discovery on Bainbridge Island, by BK Wright

The sudden disappearance of a prominent member of New York society mystified the city and angered the father who was one of two reasons Pierce had left unexpectedly. The other reason Pierce had left was to escape a wife whose thirst for the material could never be quenched, a woman who was having an affair with his father. Wondering how he had become part of such a mixed up world, and more importantly, wondering if he could ever find his way back to himself and to the man he had once loved, Pierce builds a new life for himself on the other side of the country. While he is gone, Pierce not only discovers that his wife has become pregnant by his own father, but also discovers an unexpected love. Pierce is now uncertain if the man from his past truly is the man he once loved, or if the unexpected was meant to be. All Romance ebooks, 1Romance ebooks, Amazon.

The ferry brought visitors to Bainbridge from Seattle several times each day, and with every docking Pierce couldn’t wait for his guests to check in to their vacation getaway. Pierce had spent too many years stuck behind a desk in a high stressed, politically motivated, wealth driven corporation not to appreciate the slower paced down-to-earth existence that was now his. The first visitors were as diverse as Bainbridge itself. There was a young couple on their honeymoon, a not-so-young couple on their honeymoon, a family with two young children, same-sex couples, as well as singles who had booked a room every weekend to escape the fast paced city life of Seattle. Pierce talked with every one, and he and his staff provided them the relaxing experience they deserved. Pierce wanted them to leave feeling that they couldn’t have enjoyed a more pleasant experience anywhere else in the world than here at Bainbridge. “Welcome, welcome”, Pierce loved saying to his visitors. “We are here to serve you.” And serve them he did. His staff was more surprised than the guests were with how hard Pierce worked. He was one of them now. He dressed as they did, and did the same work they did, from escorting tourists to antique shops, Eagle Harbor Books, one of the last independent bookstores in the Northwest, to the various arts and crafts shops with which Pierce was very familiar now, or anyplace his guests wished to go.
Half an hour later Mitch was at the front desk. “I see the artist, now show me the art.” Pierce smiled that model-esque smile that was so sexy and yet so endearing to Mitch. “It’s very amateur art, if it can be called art. Come on in.” Pierce led Mitch into his room, and closed the door behind them. Mitch looked around. Pierce’s room was sparse, with only a bed, and nothing on the walls. Pierce noticed Mitch’s questioning look. “I thought I would put my own paintings on the wall, but I’m not sure they would look that good,” he said. “Of course they would, it would be your taste. It’s your room.” Mitch obviously didn’t have the inner turmoil that Pierce did. Pierce had been raised to believe that if something wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t worthy of display. “Why not just paint the walls, like a mural?” Mitch offered. “Why limit yourself to the confines of a canvass?” Mitch walked to the window where even in the dark the mountains were beautiful. “Come here, Pierce. Look out there. There are no constraints to nature’s canvass. It’s continuous.” Pierce walked to the window. Mitch was right. Mitch had the ability to see outside of himself. He wasn’t afraid to speak his mind, either. “It’s beautiful,” Pierce responded. “Paint the walls, Pierce. Make a mural of your past, present and hoped-for future.”
Mitch took Pierce’s hand and held it in his as he said this. Then he took Pierce’s empty glass and set both back on the nightstand. He leaned over Pierce and held his face in his hands. Pierce closed his eyes, and offered his mouth to Mitch. Mitch gently touched his lips to Pierce’s and kissed him softly, opening Pierce’s mouth with his own. Then he kissed the side of Pierce’s mouth, then Pierce’s cheek, kissing his neck down to Pierce’s shirt collar, and gently pushing it open to kiss his shoulder. Then he looked at Pierce. His eyes were still shut, and his head was leaned back into the comfort of the pillows. Mitch placed one hand on Pierce’s neck and with the other one he held Pierce’s hand. “Did Jeff kiss you like that, Pierce? Pierce opened his eyes. He was at a loss for words. His heart was beating faster and with the touch of Mitch’s lips on his, he had begun to feel again. Mitch didn’t need an answer. He kissed Pierce again, this time lingering a little longer, and this time holding him in a loving embrace. Pierce placed his arms around Mitch somewhat hesitantly at first, but then holding him tightly. It had been a very long time since Pierce had felt this way. Mitch moved closer to Pierce until their chests were touching. Each could feel the pounding of the other’s heart. The gentleness of Mitch’s kisses was arousing to Pierce. He could feel his jeans tighten in a way he hadn’t felt in a very long time. He had begun to think he might be impotent.
Selfishly, Mitch was happy that Pierce had once loved a man, and not a woman. If he loved a man once, then he could love a man again. He wanted to tell Pierce about his past “loves”, but wasn’t proud of the fact that since his father had died six years earlier he had taken the ferry to Seattle almost every weekend for a quick lay, but had remained emotionally detached. Mitch knew that emotional detachment wasn’t an option with Pierce. Mitch was already attached to this wonderful human being who had entered his life at just the right time. One day Mitch would tell him about his past, one day.

BK Wright

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