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Like a Father, by Shannon Pearce, Beau to Beau books

Todd’s sister had married a loser, and was now divorced from a loser. She and her stepson, always welcome in Todd’s enormous house, were now living with him. Todd was like a father to Kyle, the young man he had nicknamed Scout, and Kyle loved the man he had come to know as Uncle Todd. Having no idea that this young man, who would be in college soon, had feelings for his soon-to-be male roommate, Todd is surprised when Kyle shares with him his concerns about his own sexuality. Kyle knows that Todd his gay. Todd has never kept that a secret from anyone. When Kyle comes to Todd one afternoon while he is sunbathing in the nude by his pool, the only thing he can do is what he has always done, and be like a father to this young man. Neither Kyle nor Todd is certain, however, of the unspoken boundaries of their close relationship. At Amazon, All Romance ebooks, 1Romance ebooks.

Kyle was good at everything he did. He was good in school, good at sports, and yet he was very humble. Deanna had raised him well, practically all by herself. Kyle, or Scout, had been on the swim team in high school and his abilities had earned him a scholarship which was paying for much of his college. He had a lean build from the sport, and had filled out nicely over the last couple of years. He looked like a man now. He carried himself with a great deal of confidence. Kyle was built like his dad, about the only good thing that had come of Todd’s sister’s marriage, according to Todd, and because of the bulge in his pants, Todd could tell that Kyle also carried a rather large tool, just like his dad.

Todd had had a very brief fling one night with Kyle’s father, when the two of them had gotten drunk together. He had bet Todd that he couldn’t get off on a man giving him a blowjob, and Todd had proven him wrong, very wrong. The man had enjoyed it, too much for his own taste, and had spent much of his married life sleeping with other women just to prove that he was straight. Deanna had never known about Todd’s one little tryst with her husband, and never would, if Todd had anything to say about it. He knew that her ex wouldn’t say anything. He had been far too embarrassed to admit that he had had the best orgasm of his life the night that Todd had sucked him off.

Fortunately, Kyle did not have the arrogance of his father, just the body. Todd only hoped that Kyle didn’t know about his father’s many indiscretions during his marriage to his sister. The man had had his share of women. That was for sure. Eventually, Deanna had had enough and asked for a divorce.

“Make yourselves at home,” Todd had said, showing them to their rooms. “You’ve got the entire upper floor to yourselves.” Todd looked at his sister’s somewhat sad eyes, and hoped that the kid would be all right, anyway.


“Your house is beautiful, Todd,” Kyle had said. “Thanks, Kyle. I didn’t expect you to notice something like that, but I like your taste,” Todd had teased. Todd made a pretty good living, and being single, he had no one to spend his money on, except of course is nephew, so the house he lived in was rather large and very tastefully decorated. One of his former lovers was a decorator, so the house was really quite a showplace by even the toughest standards. “A friend of mine decorated it,” he said, not wanting to say the word lover in front of Kyle, although Kyle knew about his Uncle Todd, of his homosexuality.

Being eighteen and very self confident, Kyle was not shy about asking questions or speaking his mind. “Todd, can I ask you some things?” he said one day while his mom was still at work. “Sure, Scout, sit down, take a load off.”


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