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Chocolate Cake...

 A one off story about two random characters in my head to make up for the gaffe earlier...

Sean grinned as he took the steps two at a time. More than once there'd been threats from the neighbors to "keep it down" but Dave persisted in playing his music loud. As he rounded the corner his nose twitched.

"That explains it," he murmured under his breath.

It wasn't often that Dave got the urge to bake, but when he did Sean's belly smiled. If he wasn't mistaken it was chocolate cake this time. It had been a while since he'd indulged. Sometimes he thought it was the only reason he put up with all the bullshit that living with Dave entailed.

The screen door banged behind him and he dropped his bag on the floor. "Dave?"

"Pick that fucking bag up and put it where it belongs."

"Christ on a fucking crutch," Sean shouted. He yanked the bag back up off the floor. Maybe the cake wasn't enough to erase the bullshit. He stalked into the bedroom and threw the bag on the bed. It didn't belong there either, but he didn't care. He flung himself into the bathroom and slammed the door.

When he emerged half an hour later he found Dave lounging in the lone chair the bedroom had to offer, his long legs up on the bed next to Sean's bag. He leveled an unreadable gaze Sean's way.

"Putting your sweaty socks on my pillow, is that a message?" his voice was deceptively soft for his size.

"Jesus Christ Dave," Sean said with more than a hint of irritation in his voice, "First off they're in a bag, and secondly you brought it on yourself."

"I see."

Sean yanked the bag toward him and zipped it open. He began to rummage through the bag, sorting out the dirty clothes and tossing them toward the laundry basket. "When do we get cake?"

"I don't get cake," Dave said as he uncoiled his body from the chair and stalked toward Sean, "You get it whenever you want it."

The bag tossed into the closet Sean mumbled, "I want it now."

"Ok then," Dave said. He snaked an arm around Sean's waist and pulled him tight against his body. "Stay right here, don't move." His voice was a husky growl.

Sean couldn't quite suppress the shiver, and he bowed his head. He heard Dave rustling in the drawer behind him, and he flinched when Dave spoke again.

"Raise your head."

Sometimes an otherworldly hint of steel entered Dave's voice, as thought the character he played became real. Sean felt his skin crawl as Dave touched him again, his fingers were cool and clammy just as though his skin really was that of a leviathan emerging from the depths. He let out his held breath when he realized it was just a blindfold.

"The fuck?" he grated. "What kind of cake is it anyway?"

"Chocolate because I know you like it, with a soft pudding center." He lowered his hand to Sean's arm, and guided him from the bedroom into the front room, and roughly pushed down on the couch.

The music was turned off now. Sean sat with every muscle tensed, even more so when he heard the front door slammed shut, the unmistakable sound of the bolt being thrown, and the screech of the curtains being pulled shut.

Ever since the night they had shared a bowl of ice cream they were more careful with the door. They weren't "shacking up" it was more just a way to save money to a pair of starving students, but there were times when their relationship merged into something more. With the elaborate preparations, this seemed to be one of those times.

"Open your mouth," Dave's voice was a soft growl against his ear.

Sean obliged, and opened his mouth. He couldn't quite hold back the moan of satisfaction as the rich cake was deposited in his mouth. His eyelids fluttered under the blindfold, and when he finished the first bite, he opened his mouth for more.

"Greedy little baby bird," Dave said, and he forked up another bite.

"'S good Dave," Sean said, his mouth full of the cake.

"Mmhmm…I know," Dave said. He clicked the fork on the plate again, and waited for Sean to open his mouth.

This time, instead of the expected bite of cake, Sean felt Dave's lips, and then his tongue, and then it was a full blown chocolaty kiss, complete with Dave's hand working up Sean's thigh, under the edge of his loose shorts.

Good thing he'd locked the door, because this would be much harder to get out of than the last time.

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