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BILLY'S BONES by Jamie Fessenden

BILLY'S BONES by Jamie Fessenden
With any novel by Jamie Fessenden you pretty much have to expect a 5 star rating. His books are entertaining, yes, but they are at the same time intelligent, unapologetic, and unpredictable. You don't have cutout characters with rarefied lives, looks, but real people with extraordinary experiences.

In BILLY'S BONES you have two lonely men, one a psychologist and one very much in need of one. A traumatic experience in childhood has one man unable to touch or be touched. The psychologist needs to balance his growing attachment and his lover'S need for HEALING.

Fessenden not only treats his characters with respect, he does his research and offers the reader a story s/he can rely on to be honest and credible.

The mother is just awful.. I had one like her, believe me. It's no exaggeration.

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