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Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon

·         Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (May 6, 2014)

Discovered in an illicit affair with a visiting preacher, a n Ohio precher’s son is kicked out of the house and beaten to a pulp by his cousins.  He makes his way to a traveling carnival.  The carnixal manager takes him in and fast rakes him on as his lover.  When a number of missing and broken  items and start to plague the carnival, the young man is suspected, but ultimately, just as the carnival owner is about to respond to his aristocratic family’s summons to come home to England,  it all comes to a head.  All that is left is to learn if the show will go on without the owner and his preacher’s son lover.

This is tried and true Bonnie Dee and Summer Decon with just enough fantasy of lords and commoners to be satisfying.  The mystery revolving around the stolen and broken items is a good one, keeping the reader guessing, and the carnival owner’s torn loyalties are understandable and heart-wrenching.  If there was anything I did not care for, or, rather, puzzled the Hell out of me it was the carnival owner’s names, Grimstone and Lord Darkwell and his Lucifer-like appearance --  was there a point to this?

The characterization of the various carnival people is sublimely archetypal and true.  I recommend this book to anyone who had gotten used to De and Devon quality.

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