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Lee Rowan

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press, October 30, 2014

Royal Navy Series, Book 2

This novel is published in a single edition with EYE OF THE STORM, which I will review in a few days.  Rest assured, you want both, I promise you.

Captain Smith is being promoted to a higher rated ship that has  had a number of odd circumstances occurring of late.  Weapons have been found drenched with mud.  Food in great quantities has been found dumped in a passageway.  Sailors have found broken equipment and more.  The conclusion: there is a saboteur aboard.  Smith takes Marshall and David Archer with him to the new ship to help him identify the saboteur and for whom he is working.  Their first assignment is to act like they are lovers.  Of course, we know they actually are, though they are quite circumspect aboard the ship.  Marshall is quite nervous about playing in to the saboteurs hands.

But this is just half the story, the other half giving the reviewer a headache with one [SPOILER] after another.  When the young men have provoked the saboteur into revealing himself, it is when he shoots Archer right in his chest.  Marshall is devastated, facing the loss of his life’s love.  He is faced with holding his emotions closely in check, not only not to express the depth of his grief, but not to seek a new love and risk losing again.  He arrives in Kingston, Jamaica, just in time to attend Archer’s funeral.  He soon learns that Archer is not dead but living with his cousin on Jamaica, deathly ill but expected to live.  He has the opportunity to spend two weeks alone with him, then faces an end to their love just the same.  The final spoiler is finding out whether the parting is final and irrevocable.  Now aren’t you glad I had to write this and not you?

WINDS OF CHANGE is a remarkably complex and expertly choreographed book.  I was quite astounded at how well Lee Rowan handled all the elaborate plot twists and bits of evidence.  She has a tendency to go a little overboard with the emotions, with Marshall agonizing over his loss and how to handle his future life, repeating himself at least twice, but other than this the story is so well told and so involved that I can’t say much about it except to praise it.  Her knowledge of tall ships seems authoritative to this landlubber’s ear, and the characters are distinctly drawn and credible.  The story will keep the reader riveted to the book, waiting every minute for the next action, the next bit of evidence to be revealed, and to find out just who is committing all these crimes.  Then in the second half of the book there are the heart wrenching sequences, the warm and loving and fairly explicit sex scenes, and watching how the two men will cope with the inevitable.

Read at your heart’s own risk.

And come back in a couple of days for a review of the sequel

, which is included in this publication.

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