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Along Came Two, by B.K. Wright


If children learn what they live, then a child who lives with diversity within the home will learn acceptance of others as he or she experiences life outside the home. As snowflakes and raindrops are unique, so, too, are humans. In “Along Came Two”, the passionate love of two men provides the perfect foundation for two very special children to realize their own uniqueness while appreciating the diversity which surrounds them.


So many emotions were coursing through David right now that he couldn’t speak, but words were not important now. Being with Trey on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure was what was important now. From their home just outside of Denver, it had been a relatively short drive to the airport, but they were in for a long flight to Atlanta where they would board their connecting flight to Miami, and from there they would begin their cruise. “Look, Daddy,” Trey would say at every new site he viewed from his coveted window seat. David would smile and look, but he was mostly looking at Trey. Trey was his life. Trey was his son, and having a son or daughter was the one part of his life he had almost convinced himself would remain unfilled. David had been told by many that adoption was not an option for a gay man, that no agency would ever approve him. He was just glad that he hadn’t listened to all the negative comments, but had persevered in spite of them. Trey had needed a home and someone to love and care for him. David felt that he was the one who had truly been blessed, however. It had been Trey who had transformed David’s house into a home filled with love. After this past year with Trey, David could barely remember his life without him.

Neither said anything for awhile, but each was thinking much the same thing. They had so much in common, and each was definitely attracted to the other. It was David who asked the first question. “Are you involved with anyone, Kurt?” David wished he had said “woman”, “any woman.” “No, I, um, haven’t really had the time, with work and Cheyenne. How about you?” David thought for a minute. He had to know. “I haven’t really thought about investing in a relationship for a couple of years. This past year with Trey has gone by so quickly, and before that it was touch and go before the adoption was final.” Very intuitive, Kurt wondered if David was trying to tell him something. “Is it difficult to adopt, as a single man, I mean? It was a little different with Cheyenne, you know.” David stood up and looked out across the verandah at the ocean. It stretched as far as he could see, an open entity, hiding no secrets. Was this a living photograph of the way he should be, and wanted to be, open, with no secrets? Lost in his own thoughts, David hadn’t heard Kurt’s voice. Kurt hoped he hadn’t offended David. Kurt stood up and walked toward David. David’s arms were folded. Kurt surprised him when he stood in front of him and placed his arms on David’s arms. He looked David directly in the eyes, and asked, “Or is it difficult to adopt as a gay man?”

Their two days together at the cabin were spent telling each other of their past loves, their past loves lost, and their hopes for the future. Their maturity provided the perfect foundation for their love. They had played the games, had won and lost, and now were ready to experience a mature love, a love that went far beyond the physical, a higher love, a love that included children, a love between two dads.

~B.K. Wright~

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