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Two Way Mirror, by B.K. Wright

The beauty of the inner self can at times be eclipsed by the beauty of the outer self. In “Two Way Mirror”, the passionate love of two men cannot eclipse the companionate love which emerges as each discovers the inner and outer beauty of the other, culminating in a love for which neither had been prepared.

He looked at Mitch for signs of disapproval, but saw only understanding on his face. Pierce continued. “We had so much fun, Jeff and I, perhaps because we knew we were living on borrowed time.” “Or perhaps, you truly loved each other.” Mitch took Pierce’s hand and held it in his as he said this. Then he took Pierce’s empty glass and set both back on the nightstand. He leaned over Pierce and held his face in his hands. Pierce closed his eyes, and offered his mouth to Mitch. Mitch gently touched his lips to Pierce’s and kissed him softly, opening Pierce’s mouth with his own. Then he kissed the side of Pierce’s mouth, then Pierce’s cheek, kissing his neck down to Pierce’s shirt collar, and gently pushing it open to kiss his shoulder. Then he looked at Pierce. His eyes were still shut, and his head was leaned back into the comfort of the pillows. Mitch placed one hand on Pierce’s neck and with the other one he held Pierce’s hand. “Did Jeff kiss you like that, Pierce?” Pierce opened his eyes. He was at a loss for words. His heart was beating faster and with the touch of Mitch’s lips on his, he had begun to feel again. Mitch didn’t need an answer. He kissed Pierce again, this time lingering a little longer, and this time holding him in a loving embrace. Pierce placed his arms around Mitch somewhat hesitantly at first, but then holding him tightly. It had been a very long time since Pierce had felt this way.
Selfishly, Mitch was happy that Pierce had once loved a man, and not a woman. If he loved a man once, then he could love a man again. He wanted to tell Pierce about his past “loves”, but wasn’t proud of the fact that since his father had died six years earlier he had taken the ferry to Seattle almost every weekend for a quick lay, but had remained emotionally detached. Mitch knew that emotional detachment wasn’t an option with Pierce. Mitch was already attached to this wonderful human being who had entered his life at just the right time. One day Mitch would tell him about his past, one day.
That weekend at Bloedel Reserve brought Mitch and Pierce closer to each other than they had ever been. The following week Mitch knew how he wanted to honor his mom and dad. He approached Pierce with the idea with a surprise visit to the inn at 4:30 a.m. Over an earlier than usual first cup of coffee, Mitch told Pierce that he wanted to turn his country home into a bed and breakfast. He wanted to decorate it like Pierce had decorated his inn, with Pierce’s beautiful paintings adorning each room. He wanted to serve his mouthwatering pancakes with his homemade strawberry syrup to their guests each morning. “We’ll make the property the perfect getaway for lovers, just as Bloedel had been for my parents year after year, and just as it had been for us over this past weekend. It will be a place where all who stay here can feel as if they are looking at themselves in a two way mirror; as they are, and as they would like to be.” Pierce listened intently. “Sounds great, Mitch, sounds great.” Pierce saw a new light in Mitch’s eyes, and in those eyes Pierce could see his own two way mirror.
~B.K. Wright~
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