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And Now Us, by Shannon Pearce

A Beau to Beau Romance short story
Sensual and Sexual, with Passion, Pleasure, and Longing

Time spent with Mike had become Drew’s salvation from a life which he had been blackmailed into accepting. Their yearly trip to Mike’s parents’ estate was looked forward to by Drew more each year. This year, Mike’s parents had sold their beloved estate and this would be the last of Mike’s and Drew’s yearly trips together. Drew knew that if he were going to finally confide in his best friend the truth about his marriage and his true feelings, it was now or never.

Mike looked forward to his yearly trip with his best friend, Drew. It was beautiful in the mountains, and every year Mike vowed to move up north and live in his parents’ estate, even though they had long since moved south to be closer to him. Mike loved the old place, and his yearly trip reminded him of the beauty of his native Canada. Mike and Drew had been best friends for many years, and it was during these trips that they shared their innermost thoughts. The two of them would talk about everything during their trips to Canada, their work, their love lives, everything. They were as close as two men could be, but had never done anything sexually together. They hadn’t even thought about it, as far as each other knew.
They were that close, Mike and Drew, that they could somehow feel what the other was feeling. Mike could also feel the sadness in Drew and was determined to find out how it had gotten there. “So, what’s with you this year, Drew? It’s more than selling the estate. You know you can tell me anything, and you know that I’m not going to stop asking until I get an answer.” Drew closed his eyes and when he opened them again, Mike was sure he saw wetness in them. But as they drove, the sky quickly became dark with thick gray clouds which only became thicker and darker as they continued to drive. Tiny flakes of white began to hit the windshield, and then the flakes became larger and fell faster and very soon covered the road. Mike glanced over at Drew whose concern equaled his own. “I’d better concentrate on the road now, buddy, but you can be sure that we’ll talk later.” Mike put his hand on Drew’s thigh once more, and then tried to concentrate on the road. As the snow picked up and it became more difficult to see, Mike’s heavy truck began to swerve. “You doin’ okay, buddy?” Drew was just as concerned about Mike as Mike was about Drew.
Mike got out of bed and poured himself a glass of water. Drew awoke with the sound of the water hitting the ice. “What’s wrong, buddy?” “I’m okay, just thirsty. How are you, Drew? Are you okay?” “Sure, why do you ask that in the middle of the night?” Mike set the glass down and got back into bed, facing Drew. “You were snuggled up next to me and spooning me while you slept.” Drew was embarrassed by this, and looked away. He started to roll away from Mike, but Mike held onto his arm. “It’s okay, Drew. We’ve been friends a long time. Talk to me, Drew. What’s wrong at home?” Drew closed his eyes and a single tear slid down his cheek. “Everything’s wrong, Mike. Judy’s not coming back, and with good reason.” “What happened, Drew?” “We were never in love, Mike. We got married because Judy told her parents she was pregnant and she was, but it wasn’t mine. Judy was seeing a soldier from the local base who was much older than she. She was afraid to tell her parents and even more afraid to tell the father of her baby.” Mike listened to Drew’s story and stroked his arm. “I didn’t know, Drew. I’m sorry. But, how did this lead to you marrying Judy?” “Judy and I went to the prom, you know. I got drunk, really drunk, and told her something that I shouldn’t have, something that she used to blackmail me."
Mike rolled Drew onto his back and lay across him. He looked into Drew’s beautiful sad eyes, and then he looked at Drew’s lips, those lips he had always dreamed of kissing. He stared at those lips, wanting to taste them, devour them. He could feel Drew’s heart beat speed up. He slowly lowered his lips to meet Drew’s. He touched them lightly with his own. He felt Drew’s arms around him as he raised his mouth to meet Mike’s. Mike kissed Drew’s full luscious mouth, the lips that he had dreamed of kissing for so many years, and the mouth that he had wanted to feel accepting his own. Mike’s kisses were returned passionately by Drew as he held Mike’s head firmly. He did not want those lips to ever leave his. Their tongues met and struggled with each other to probe deeper into the mouth that was meant to be theirs. Mike forced his hungry mouth to leave Drew’s, panting to breathe. They looked at each other. Mike ran his hand along Drew’s outer thigh. Drew opened his legs for Mike, and pleaded with his eyes for Mike to touch him. Mike slid his hand along the shaft of Drew’s cock and then held it tightly in his hand.
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