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Controlling Leo, by B.J. Scott

INTRO:In just a few years, Leo had become an industry “hot shot” in the business of high finance. Leo was not only a businessman, however. Leo was a smart businessman. Learning from the best in the business, Leo quickly becomes a master of a different type of business, one in which the division between business and pleasure can quickly become blurred.
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“Well, Leo, I’ve heard a lot about you. You’ve saved some of my fellow businessmen millions of dollars with your financial designs. You’re quite the young hot shot.” Leo didn’t know if the man was complimenting him or mocking him. “Yes, sir,” Leo said. “I, however, am still a bit skeptical. I think you’ve got a lot to learn,” he said. “Oh, definitely, sir. I know I lack experience and I hope to gain that experience from working with you,” Leo said modestly. Jules turned his head away from Leo and smiled. “Well young man, you can start by joining me in the sauna. You must always make the client feel comfortable. So if the client is in a sauna, you should be too. You will meet many clients, some quite eccentric, and you must at least pretend to like what they like.” “Yes, sir,” Leo said, and undressed quickly and got into the sauna with Jules. “As I look at you, Leo, I see a young man who is willing to do anything to get rich. Is this what I’m seeing?” “Yes, sir. I graduated with honors, sir.” “Yes, yes you did.” Jules tried to hide his smile but could not, and as he got up out of the sauna he could also not hide his hard cock. “Come here, Leo.” Leo got out of the water and started to put his clothes on. “No, Leo. Think of me as your client. If your client is naked, then you are naked. Got it?” Leo nodded, and walked to Jules’ desk. “Some clients will drop subtle hints about what they want from you, but I am not one of them. I serve it up straight, just like my liquor.” He looked Leo up and down. Kid’s got a damn big cock, he thought, and he’s a good looking kid too, damned good looking. Going to make a fortune, if he’s willing to play the game. “I’ve got something for you, Leo.” Jules handed Leo a check for ten thousand dollars.
Leo was instructed to lie on the bed. The lights were dimmed and it was dark in the room. Mr. J undressed, though Leo could barely see him. The interpreter and another young man knelt on the bed on either side of Leo. They each held one of Leo’s legs away from his body and upward to Mr. J’s satisfaction. “There, for now,” Mr. J said, and the two men held Leo’s legs in position. Leo could see Mr. J on the bed now between his legs. “I will prepare you now,” he said. Leo was beginning to like this weird seduction. Mr. J began massaging a very thick wax-like substance on Leo’s cock that felt like it was squeezing his cock. He then held Leo’s cock firmly with his hands. From what Leo could see of Mr. J’s body, it wasn’t bad, and in fact, he had a nice physique, well toned. Leo could also feel that Mr. J was well endowed, as his uncircumcised cock slapped against Leo’s ass. He looked at Leo. “Million dollar man,” he said. Leo felt his cock begin to throb. The substance had formed a very snug sheath around Leo’s cock. “You wait,” Mr. J commanded, and got off the bed. Where am I going with these two guys holding my ass open, thought Leo? Mr. J returned and was once again between Leo’s open legs. “Lower now,” he instructed the two men. They lowered Leo’s legs to Mr. J’s satisfaction. He then positioned himself so that he was straddling Leo’s body. He lifted Leo’s cock, snug in its man made sheath. “You will come inside me now,” he said, and lowered himself down onto Leo’s cock. The man made sheath felt good as it caused friction inside the man’s ass. The man lifted himself up and down expertly on Leo’s cock. Leo was impressed with Mr. J’s technique, and wondered how many men he had “prepared.”
“One million U.S. dollars have been deposited into your personal account, Leo. You would like to make more millions, yes?” Leo looked at him. A million dollars to get fucked? Who wouldn’t want that? Leo’s thoughts were not spoken. All Leo said was, “yes.” “You will wait until I return,” the man commanded Leo. Leo lay where he was, afraid to move, until the man returned. “You will dress yourself, and Rafael will bring you to me,” the man said, as he laid Leo’s clothes on the bed. Leo assumed that one of the younger men was Rafael. He dressed and within minutes the man named Rafael entered the room.

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