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Haven at Harvey Milk High, by S. Wales

A Beau to Beau young adult story, by S. Wales, of Beau to Beau books of Male Love

Disowned by his parents for being gay, Seth has nowhere to turn until an Internet search uncovers a haven of sorts in New York City. Seth then makes the call that will change his life forever. Alone and scared, Seth must learn to trust a stranger who introduces him to a whole new world, one in which he can not only survive, but thrive. http://www.beautobeau.com, All Romance ebooks

Seth had never seen such tall buildings as he was seeing now, and was unaccustomed to apartment buildings with doormen. He had heard that that was how people lived in New York City, but back home people lived in houses. “Here we are,” Greg said, as he opened the door to his apartment in the sky. It was like a house, just way up high. Before Seth could look around, there was a knock on Greg’s door and a young man with two bags walked in. “Hi Seth, I’m David. I’m in your class at school. I brought some clothes from the school and some of my own too.” Turning to Greg, he said, “Looks like I chose the right ones, Greg. Seth and I are just about the same size.” Seth didn’t say anything.
We are fortunate to have very generous people who are more than willing to give not just money and material things, but also their time and advice. Many of them have been where you are, Seth.” Greg held both of Seth’s hands as he said this. Seth lowered his eyes, but Greg continued to talk. “I work as a financial planner, Seth. I graduated from Columbia University a few years ago, after I graduated from Harvey Milk High just as you will do. I was you, Seth, not so long ago.”
Seth didn’t mean to stare, but the couples looked so in love. “Sweet,” he said in a whisper. Patrick heard it. He lifted his head off of Seth’s shoulder and they were face to face. Seth looked into Patrick’s bright blue eyes and wanted to kiss him, but was too shy. Patrick wasn’t shy. His lips lightly touched Seth’s, as if they were seeking approval for the kiss. Seth did not withdraw from the brush of Patrick’s lips. Patrick stopped dancing and kissed Seth’s lips, opening Seth’s mouth a little. He held Seth tighter as he deepened the kiss, opening Seth’s mouth just enough to run his tongue along the inner edge of his lips.
He wanted Patrick, but had never been this far, and had never thought about being where he was without the cloak of shame clouding his thoughts. He allowed Patrick to move his legs apart, and heard himself gasp again as he ran his hands along Seth’s legs. Patrick kissed Seth’s inner thigh from his knee to very near his groin, first on the left leg, and then on the right. Seth unknowingly placed his hand over his hard penis as the clouds of shame came over him again. Patrick looked at Seth. His face registered desire and pleasure, and Patrick continued. He kissed each of Seth’s fingers that had clasped what had until now been his rod of shame. As Patrick kissed each finger, one at a time, his lips lightly pressed against Seth’s erection. After he had kissed each finger, Patrick took each one into his mouth very slowly and then very slowly let each one slide back out. Patrick’s soft lips and tenderness had relaxed Seth’s body and his hand that had been guarding what Patrick knew to be beautiful now fell onto the bed, releasing its grasp on Seth’s erection.
Patrick scooted up further on the bed as he awaited Seth’s lips on his organ of love. Seth kissed Patrick’s chest, running his tongue across his nipples. Patrick’s body shivered at this new sensation, and he stroked Seth’s hair as Seth continued to love him. Seth kissed Patrick’s navel and then licked the drops that had fallen onto his skin. He liked the taste of Patrick, and ran his tongue lightly across the top of Patrick’s erection as he claimed more of the luscious drops. Seth made his way downward until he was now between Patrick’s legs. He looked at Patrick. His eyes were closed, his body yearning for Seth’s touch, his kiss, anticipating what would come next. Seth saw only beauty as he looked at Patrick’s body.

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