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Many thanks to all who contributed over the years, and good luck to everyone in your future works!


Brothers-in-Law, by Shannon Pearce

Chance had made them brothers-in-law, and time together had made them friends and confidantes, with a palpable sexual tension between them which was always carefully cloaked in friendly banter. Since Andy’s divorce from the sister of Kevin’s wife, the two brothers-in-law have not seen each other nearly as much as they once had, and both missed this time together. With Kevin’s wife out of town for the weekend, the two brothers-in-law will now have a chance to catch up.


Andy had been in a relationship with a man before he had married his wife, having considered himself to be bisexual. But after being married for awhile, he realized that he was gay. He had been willing to stay with his wife, but she knew that neither of them would ever be happy. Instead of continuing their charade of a marriage, they had parted ways several months ago. Andy had loved spending time with Kevin, though, hanging out and stuff, and missed getting together with him like they had when he was married to Kevin’s wife’s sister. He would often fantasize about taking Kevin, seeing him naked, sucking his cock, but had known better than to take that first step. Andy knew that Kevin was much too straight-laced to even consider being with a man, but had always fantasized about what it would be like to get inside his pants.
Andy finally turned off the television and went to bed. He left the door open a little, not thinking anything of it, and began stripping off his clothes. He was laying his pants on the chair, naked now, and didn’t see Kevin standing in the door way. “Nice view,” Kevin said, and Andy nearly jumped out of his skin. “I thought you were asleep,” he said in startled response. Andy didn’t try to cover himself, however, but returned Kevin’s smart remark. “Aren’t you a little overdressed?” Andy had thought about asking Kevin to come kiss him goodnight, but then thought better of it. He couldn’t help but notice and stare at the bulge in Kevin’s shorts. Neither of them said anything, and neither of them moved, but both continued to stare at the other awaiting the next move.
Lying in bed with the man he had fantasized about was almost too much for Andy. He didn’t dare do anything, did he? Kevin would freak. Andy let his left leg bump against Kevin’s under the covers to test the waters, so to speak. He didn’t move away, nor did he say anything. “If your wife could see you now, this would be really hard to explain,” Andy said, and looked over at Kevin. Andy continued. “I’d better go back. I’m pretty tired.” Andy kept waiting for Kevin to say something, but he didn’t. He just continued to look at Andy. Andy knew Kevin too well and had known him for too long to think that he was going to make the first move. That would never happen.
When Andy awoke the next morning, Kevin was not lying next to him. Andy got up and heard the shower. He walked slowly into Kevin’s bathroom and could see the silhouette of his beautiful naked body. Did he dare join him? He wanted to, but didn’t know how Kevin might feel about last night. Andy turned and started to leave the bathroom when the shower door opened. Kevin’s hand was on his arm, and Andy felt himself being pulled into the shower. Then he felt the wet tiles of the shower on his back and Kevin’s body pressed against his. At first, Andy feared he might be killed right there by his own brother-in-law. Kevin looked at him, the water beating down and clouding his view of Andy’s face.

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