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The Company Dad Kept, by BK Wright

INTRO:Maxwell Turner has spent a lifetime building a company that his son will one day inherit, and has spent his son’s lifetime keeping a secret from him. Maxwell is gay and has been living with the love of his life for the past three years, a man who gave up everything to be with him, and the one man Maxwell could never live without. When Maxwell’s son discovers that his father is gay, he vows to rid the company that is rightfully his of every “fag”, beginning with his own father. Distraught by his son’s attitude, Maxwell regrets having kept his secret all these years, and is now faced with decisions he was not prepared to make. At All Romance ebooks and 1Romance ebooks.

Maxwell was greeted by a kiss as he was joined on the deck. “Good morning, Max. What time does Nick’s plane come in?” “Three this afternoon.” “I will make one of my gourmet meals then.” “That would be wonderful. Thank you.” Just then the phone rang, and Maxwell went inside to answer it. He returned to the deck and said, “Well, Nick’s arrival couldn’t have come at a better time. I need to go to the office for a little while. If Nick calls, tell him I’ll pick him up at the airport.” “Will do, and I will see you later.” “I’ll stop by before I leave for the airport,” Max assured.
Chauncey wasn’t afraid to love. Chauncey had taken Max every way imaginable, and Max had never left their bed unsatisfied. Chauncey was between Max’s legs now, moving them apart further, as he helped himself to Max’s body. One touch from Chauncey and Max’s body responded with complete submission. “That’s my lover,” he said, and placed his big thick tongue between Max’s legs, holding his butt cheeks apart. Chauncey forced his warm wet tongue between Max’s butt cheeks so that the very tip could tease Max’s hole. “Ohh,” Max groaned, as he always did when Chauncey played with his hole. He entered Max with just the tip of his tongue before moving upward, pressing on the satiny smoothness beneath Max’s balls which caused the first drop to show itself at the very tip of Max’s penis. Max moaned for this most giving lover, and enjoyed the senses that Chauncey was awakening in him once again. Chauncey lifted each of Max’s heavy cum filled balls onto his thick flat tongue and into his moisture filled mouth. “Mmm,” he hummed, causing more drops to fall on Max’s skin. “I’ve not been good to my Max,” Chauncey said, as he lifted the other ball. “They should never be allowed to get this heavy. We wouldn’t want an unexpected explosion.” Max loved Chauncey’s humor, even in bed.
The alarm went off the next morning and Max reached out and pushed the button. “Now this is the way to wake up,” Chauncey said, still on him and still in him. He turned Max’s head and kissed him on the lips. “Morning, baby,” he said. He kissed his neck with slow kisses. Max was already hard. The very touch of Chauncey excited him now. No seduction was necessary, though Max didn’t mind at all. He loved Chauncey, and felt lucky to have him. Max thrust up against Chauncey, whose rod was still inside him and hard again. “Mm, you’ve got something for me, baby?” “I might,” Max teased. Chauncey reached underneath Max and found what he wanted. “There it is. Time to go, buddy.” He stroked Max and thrust his penis inside him, as if they had never stopped last night. Almost every morning began like this, and Max loved the feel of this man in him and on him.
Nick looked at the sheets on each member and each executive. Max watched as Nick studied each one. “The personal information on some of these employees intrigues me, Dad.” “Why is that, Nick?” “Well, like these two, same address, come on, Dad, I’m not stupid. And, here are two more. This one is questionable, if you know what I mean.” Max was stunned at Nick’s comments. “What do you mean, Nick?” “Let me make myself clear, Dad. There will be no place for fags in my company.” “With all due respect, son, Turner Tech Group is not your company. It is still mine.” “A matter of time and paperwork, Dad, that’s all.”
The next morning they were on a company jet to New York City. They were staying in the heart of Manhattan in a suite that Chauncey had booked, overlooking Central Park. “It’s beautiful, Chauncey, but if I’m not mistaken this is a honeymoon suite.” “Yes it is, but to us it is a pre-honeymoon suite. Champagne and strawberries right here.” Chauncey picked up a strawberry and pulled Max to him, dangling the strawberry so that it just touched his lips. Max pulled the strawberry with his lips into his mouth. “Lucky little strawberry,” Chauncey said, with envy. He kissed Max again, opening his mouth, and licking the strawberry. Then he stopped and poured the champagne. “Yes, that is one lucky strawberry,” he said, and licked his lips.

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