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The Ritual, by B.J. Scott

INTRO:Loy knew that he should never pick up a hitchhiker, but it was raining and the man looked harmless. When the rain began to beat down in sheets and the road turned to mud, Loy’s old reliable car began to sputter. He had no choice but to stop at the house that was home to the hitchhiker, and the man had been nice enough to invite him to what he called “The Ritual.” All Romance ebooks, 1Romance ebooks, 1Erotica ebooks.

Loy struggled with his old, usually reliable car, but it seemed as if the car didn’t want to turn toward the house. Loy cranked the wheel hard and the car finally gave in. “Some are harder to break than others, but they all have their breaking point,” KC said, looking straight ahead. The lane was long and winding, but at least it was not made of mud. Strangely, the road was paved now, but Loy’s car still did not want to cooperate. It sputtered and slowed as they neared the old house that looked like something from a horror movie. The house was covered with thick moss and vines and overgrown hedges and trees. It was run down, at least on the outside. KC then said to Loy, “Better come on in. You’ll never get out of here tonight. We’re having a party tonight, the ritual. You haven’t been to the ritual yet, have you?”
The men that were once silhouettes now became real and they passed by Loy, looking at him and watching as KC played with Loy’s balls. Some of the men reached out and tried to touch Loy, but KC slapped their hands away. KC whispered seductively to Loy, “No one touches you without my consent.” Loy’s cock was begging to be touched now, as was evident by the drop that glistened on the head of his hard pole. A man with a youthful athletic build wearing a thin clothed thong approached. KC whispered once again to Loy, “I want him to touch you.” The man came closer and stopped right in front of Loy. The man looked at KC, then at Loy, and then at KC again. KC nodded to the man.
KC spun Loy around and pulled him to his body with his hands on Loy’s ass. “Kiss me,” he commanded. Loy leaned down and met KC’s lips and kissed him deeply. KC sucked Loy’s tongue into his mouth and enjoyed the taste and feel of it. He pushed Loy’s tongue back out and held his lips on Loy’s for a long last minute before releasing them. “Get dressed,” he ordered Loy. KC put his clothes on too, and walked Loy up the stairs and to the front door. “Thanks for the lift,” KC said. Loy smiled at him, and opened the door.

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