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A Foreign Affair, by BK Wright

A job upstate during semester break introduces Kang to a world unfamiliar to him and also introduces him to Braden, a man to whom he would like to become much more familiar. While working with Braden in his veterinary practice, and living in Braden’s home, Kang’s feelings soon become much more than lust. Kang knows he must return to Beijing after school, but cannot imagine life without Braden. There is only one man who can help Kang now, the same man who can hurt him if Kang does not give in to his demands.

As they pulled into the driveway, Braden was excited to show Kang his beloved farm house that his grandfather had built. Kang thought it was beautiful, as they came closer to the house, and Braden turned off the engine. Kang had never seen such detailed architecture, nor had he ever seen a house this old that had been this well preserved. It was much larger than Kang had expected, with a porch that wrapped around all but a very small part of the house in the back. There were two porch swings facing each other at either end at the front of the house which looked like something out of an old movie. So lost was Kang in the wonder of this magnificent abode that he didn’t even hear Braden suggest they go in. “Kang,” he said again. This time Kang snapped out of his trance. “Oh, I’m sorry, Braden. I was admiring your home which is extraordinary.” “Let me show you the inside of it,” Braden offered, feeling very good about having someone appreciate this home that he loved.
Braden thought Kang was a very attractive young man, and wondered if he had a girlfriend back at school. He loved the beauty of Kang’s skin that looked so smooth, his brown eyes with their slight squint, and his straight shiny black hair that complemented his facial features perfectly. He was tall for someone of Chinese descent, or so Braden thought, and guessed him to be around five feet nine inches, just a few inches shorter than his own six feet. Suddenly, Braden felt his heart beat faster. He realized suddenly exactly why he wanted Kang to be happy here. He was attracted to him, and the more he thought about him this way the more he found himself wanting him. He wanted to feel that perfect skin against his own. He wanted to feel Kang’s naked body against his own. He closed his eyes and tried to get these thoughts to leave, but they were here to stay.
As he reached the top of the staircase, through the door of Kang’s room that had been left slightly ajar Braden could see the beauty of Kang’s skin and the perfect physique of his young friend as he slowly undressed. Braden didn’t mean to stare, but found that his feet would not move. He stood and watched as Kang’s shirt was pulled up over his head, and the color and contours of his back made Braden feel a tightening of his jeans as a hard-on was begging for attention. He watched as Kang unzipped his own jeans, and slid them along with his briefs over his tight young ass. As he bent over to remove them, Braden wanted to have that ass in his hands, caressing it, squeezing it, and feeling his now extremely erect hard-on enter that dark space that would bring them both so much pleasure. He could just barely see Kang’s balls as they hung down between his slightly spread legs, as his jeans and shorts were no longer a part of his entirely naked body. At that point Kang stretched once and walked a few steps forward to climb into bed.
“I hope you don’t mind, but I called my friend from back home, you know the one, and he has changed his name from Wong to an American one, Ken,” Braden heard the excitement in Kang’s voice loud and clear, and found himself feeling a bit threatened. He loved Kang, but was Kang too young to actualize a mature love? He sincerely hoped not. “Oh, no, I don’t mind the call,” Braden lied. “How is your friend?” “He’s fine. He’s going to school at NYU studying economics.” “Oh, how nice,” Braden lied again. “I was wondering if I could go see him in the city for a couple of days.” Braden was afraid of this. He was afraid of losing Kang. “You know you’re free to do as you please, Kang. I would never keep you from doing something you want to do. I love you too much for that.” Braden sat down beside Kang and took his hand in his as he spoke. “Thank you, Braden,” Kang said in return. “Do you want me to take the bus into the city? I’d like to go tomorrow and Tuesday, if that’s okay.” The suddenness of the trip surprised Braden, and made him more than just a little uneasy.
The phone rang at least twenty times before Kang’s friend answered, sounding sleepy, and also so drunk he was slurring his words. “Who wants to know?” was the answer to Braden’s question regarding Kang’s whereabouts. “This is Braden Wright, a friend of Kang,” he answered. “Oh, you,” he said, with Braden having no idea what to think of this man’s irritated tone. “He was here, left the very next morning, Tuesday, that’s right, it was Tuesday.” Then he laughed. Now Braden was really upset. “Well, do you know where he is, or why he left so soon?” Braden almost screamed at this obviously drunk man. “Don’t know where, but know why. Your f-r-i-e-n-d turned down my very lucrative business offer.” Ken hung up then, leaving Braden both worried sick about Kang, as well as pissed as hell at the flippant attitude of this man who Kang had thought was his friend. Now how am I going to find Kang? What has happened to him? He laid his head down on his desk.
Braden was replaying his phone conversation with Kang over and over in his mind, but still could make no sense of any part of it. Braden heard a car pull up and stop, which snapped him immediately out of his daze. He rushed to the front of the clinic, and was surprised that it was Kang so soon. It had only been two hours since they had talked, and Braden was thankful that Kang had been able to find a cab so soon, and also that he hadn’t forgotten what to do, as he had seemed so out-of-it on the phone. Braden rushed out the door to pay the driver, and to help Kang with his things. When he opened Kang’s door, however, he encountered a much different Kang than had left here. His eyes told a story of deep anguish and detachment, and he was disheveled. He tried to get out of the car, but found that his legs would not hold him. Braden quickly helped Kang to his feet, and could feel the weakness. He needed Braden to support him entirely. Kang tried to lower himself to the ground out of fear of falling, but Braden stopped him. “Let’s go home,” Braden said, and scooped Kang up into his arms and carried him to his truck. He carefully lowered Kang to his feet, holding him to his own body, realizing that Kang’s body was a weak and emaciated vessel. Braden carefully placed Kang into the truck, laying him down gently. On the way home, Braden continuously wiped tears from his face just seeing his precious Kang this way. What happened to you, Kang? What in the hell happened?

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