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Playing Doctor, by BK Wright

Kenton Weston is living the dream. He is a very well respected member of the Philadelphia medical society, a transplant surgeon, and young. What Kenton does not have is someone with whom to share his life. Kenton is gay and knows that “coming out” could hurt his medical career, but if he ever hopes to have a meaningful relationship he may have to take a chance. When Kenton meets the father of a patient, he thinks he has met the man of his dreams; that is, until he falls in love with the man’s son. At 1Romance ebooks, All Romance ebooks.

If there was one thing that was missing in the life of Kenton Weston, it was someone special with whom to share his life. He had placed his outside interests on hold for so long that he had almost forgotten what they where. Concerned for his social life or lack thereof, many of Kenton’s former fellow students and now colleagues had offered to “fix him up” with a special woman they knew. What they didn’t know, and what he Kenton had chosen never to divulge to any of them, was that Kenton was gay. His last relationship was with a young man during his undergraduate days.
Kenton returned five hours later to a sleeping Michael. He walked quietly into the room just to be sure that Michael was really sleeping. As he neared Michael’s sleeping body, Kenton stopped. Michael was sleeping on his side, with his backside exposed. Kenton stared at Michael’s back, then at his long legs that to Kenton were gorgeous, and nestled between Michael’s back and legs was the most luscious ass that Kenton had ever seen. The two round mounds were separated by a crevice so inviting that Kenton had to back away to avoid taking these mounds in his hands, and more. Michael’s legs were parted just enough to allow Kenton a view of his balls which lay between them. Kenton felt feelings emerge that he thought had died years ago. He wanted those balls in his mouth. He wanted Michael.
The shower was running and from the door of his room he could see Kenton’s nude silhouette behind the glass doors. He was beautiful. He had such a nice backside that seemed to be beckoning for Michael’s touch. Did he dare walk in uninvited? Michael undressed completely, and opened the shower door. Kenton’s back was to him. Michael walked in far enough so that the water poured over his body. The shower was huge and the water felt good against his skin, but Kenton would feel even better. Kenton’s head was tilted upward as Michael walked up behind him. He slowly placed his arms around Kenton and placed his hands on his chest. Kenton jumped just a little, and then relaxed. Kenton placed his hands over Michael’s. Then he turned his head toward his shoulder where Michael’s mouth was eagerly awaiting their first kiss. Kenton leaned back offering his mouth to Michael.
Kenton and Jeff remained as they were, each holding the other, feeling the same feelings, though neither thinking the same thoughts. Jeff was feeling so much love for Kenton and thinking about their wonderful future together. Kenton was feeling love for Jeff, but thinking of the harm that could come from this relationship, hurting both of them. After several minutes had passed, Kenton lifted his head from Jeff’s shoulder and kissed his cheek. Slowly he moved his lips toward Jeff’s eagerly awaiting mouth and when his lips met Jeff’s, he kissed them gently and lovingly. He kept his eyes closed. He needed to know if his feelings for Jeff were as real as he thought they were or if his attraction to Jeff was solely based on age, as Kenton knew his strong attraction to younger men.
Kenton’s eyes met Jeff’s now open eyes, and in those eyes Kenton saw clearly the look of youth but also the look of maturity, a knowing look. Kenton did not see doubt in those eyes. In those eyes Kenton saw the look of love, and felt his own heart begin to beat faster. He bent down and kissed Jeff’s welcoming lips. Although Jeff’s hands were being held down by Kenton’s, his ability to love was in no way compromised. Jeff kissed Kenton with the complete abandon that is known only to those whose memories did not register past loves lost. Kenton welcomed such a lover and as he continued to enjoy the love freely given by Jeff’s lips, Kenton could not deny his heart its strongest desire. Kenton was in love with Jeff.

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