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Isle of Love, by BK Wright

Pierce had done everything that had been expected of a man of his social standing, including marrying a woman he did not love. Pierce had realized long before his predestined marriage that he was gay. He had loved and left a man years ago, and wonders now if he had given up his only chance for happiness. Destiny is his guide now as he gives up a life of riches to search for his one true love. At All Romance ebooks, 1Romance ebooks.

He painted every night, and his muses were the beauty of the island, as well as the people who visited his cottage inn. On occasion one of the guests who had come alone would knock on his door in the evening, wishing to spend time with him. They weren’t shy about telling Pierce of their attraction to him, especially after they had come back from one of the many wine shops and feeling very uninhibited. Pierce wasn’t interested, for the most part. He had never been one for one night stands. He had only been with one woman, his money hungry wife, and was not interested in doing that again. There was one other relationship he had had in college, but had never spoken of since. He had had a sexual relationship with his roommate, Jeff.
Pierce spoke softly and sadly as he told of his expected life, and then he was either brave enough or had had just enough to drink to not care what he said and he went on to tell Mitch all about Jeff. “I guess our friendship went a little too far, huh?” He looked at Mitch for signs of disapproval, but saw only understanding on his face. Pierce continued. “We had so much fun, Jeff and I, perhaps because we knew we were living on borrowed time.” “Or perhaps, you truly loved each other.” Mitch took Pierce’s hand and held it in his as he said this. Then he took Pierce’s empty glass and set both back on the nightstand. He leaned over Pierce and held his face in his hands. Pierce closed his eyes, and offered his mouth to Mitch. Mitch gently touched his lips to Pierce’s and kissed him softly, opening Pierce’s mouth with his own.
Pierce awoke when the sun came streaming in the east window as it made its slow climb up and over Mount Olympus. He stretched, and looked over at Mitch still sleeping. Then the memories of last night quickly came to him when he realized he was naked from the waist down. Mitch sure did know how to give a blow job. Pierce felt great. He felt exhilarated, just as he had after he and Jeff had given each other that welcome release following a night of pretense with their predetermined wives-to-be. He hadn’t felt sexually aroused since Jeff, until last night with Mitch. Although he hadn’t known Mitch very long, it seemed as if they had been friends for a long time. They had hit if off from the start, just as he and Jeff had hit it off so many years ago.
While Mitch was doing laps, Pierce quickly took his clothes off and allowed the warmth of the water to swirl around him as he slowly made his way in to where it reached him mid chest. The feel of the water was exhilarating, Mitch was right about that. The swirling water combined with the sweet wine he had had were also very arousing. He could see Mitch’s silhouette as he swam from one end of the pool to the other, and what Pierce saw he liked. Mitch’s nakedness was a definite turn-on for Pierce. The roundness of his supple ass as it just barely reached the water’s surface before disappearing beneath again and again made Pierce dizzy with desire. He liked Mitch’s body.

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