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Extraordinary Desires, by BK Wright

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” Shakespeare’s words resonated through Curt like never before. In his first role as leading man, Curt quickly discovers that life truly does imitate art. Focused on his own glory, Curt soon realizes that through his acting he gives hope to one who has little. Luke has been victimized by organized religion, an institution which boasts as its leaders those who are ordained to satisfy their sexual urges and desires as they choose. Through Luke, Curt’s character quickly becomes real. It is through this leading role that Curt meets the only man who can satisfy his own sexual hunger, and who loves with a selflessness that Curt has never known. Together, these two men build a community for Luke and other boys and girls like him. Shunned by the heterosexual community, it is the gay community that shows these young people that they can not only survive, but thrive. At All Romance ebooks, 1Romance ebooks.

Curt fell asleep early that night, but awoke to the sound of tapping on his door. He was up and almost in the shower before he realized it was only 2:00 a.m. and that this was a day he was not needed on the set. So who is tapping on my door, he wondered? Curt opened the door to find a young man of seventeen, maybe eighteen, his eyes wide with fear. “Can I help you?” asked Curt. “Um, I just wanted you to know that I like watching you. I come here every day,” the scared voice said. On any given day Curt would see ten to twenty people watching them rehearse. Some of the actors didn’t like the onlookers, but Curt found that it made him work harder knowing that his performance was being critiqued by the ultimate critics. “Thanks, kid,” Curt replied, but sensed the kid might be troubled. He seemed scared of something or someone. I’ve been researching my character too much, Curt thought. “So, what brings you here in the middle of the night?” “I, um, I’ll see you tomorrow,” he said, and started off. “Hey there, wait,” Curt said, and stepped outside to stop the boy. “Come on in for awhile. You shouldn’t be out in the dark.” The boy followed Curt inside and stood just inside the door.
Curt walked into the bar which was very busy, and ordered the drink he had needed for days, and then another. When he was halfway through his second drink, the bartender asked if he had been to the new steam room yet. “No, I haven’t,” Curt answered, a little confused. “Check it out, on the house,” he offered. “It really loosens you up,” he added. Curt was more than curious now. He finished his drink and headed to the steam room. Curt walked into a room with a very inviting whirlpool with its shooting jets of water making the water bubble. The room was very well decorated and very clean, with a sign that read, “No clothing allowed.” Curt had no problem with that. The water was warm as Curt lowered himself until he was seated in front of one of the jets. The water felt good on his stiff muscles. The roar of the jets and the bubbling water blocked out any intrusive sounds, and were lulling Curt into a very relaxing state. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the side of the pool. In his dreamlike state, Curt did not hear the door open, nor did he hear the man walk in and join him naked in the pool. The man watched Curt as the buoyancy of the water bobbed his body up and then back down in the water. The man stood in the water, watching and waiting for Curt’s erection to take shape.
Luke sat with his friends who were all willing to do everything for him. Daniel asked Curt to sit with him alone. He had to explain the kiss that he had thought about since its occurrence. “Curt, I’m sorry for what I did last night. It was very forward and I should not have allowed it to happen.” Curt at first thought that he was referring to Luke’s abduction until he mentioned the part about being forward. “Oh, no problem, Daniel. No harm, no foul.” Curt smiled as he lifted another mouthful of the delicious hotcakes to his lips. He had forgotten that he hadn’t eaten dinner last night. He was famished. Daniel watched Curt as he devoured the cakes. As drops of syrup lingered on Curt’s lips, Daniel had to fight the urge to lick them off. Curt was oblivious to Daniel’s stares. He was too hungry to notice.
When they returned to the center, Daniel invited Curt to his cottage which he shared with no one. They talked about everything. They laughed at each other’s jokes, and both were surprised at the level of comfort they felt with each other. Curt loved Daniel’s cottage. Daniel had great taste and was quite the decorator. They drank a little more wine until Daniel could wait no longer to kiss Curt’s wine wetted lips. He took Curt’s glass from him. He leaned his head back on the sofa they were sharing. To Daniel’s surprise, Curt was the one who made the first move. He placed his hands on the sofa on either side of Daniel, leaned in and kissed his slightly parted lips. Curt’s kisses were filled with hunger, a hunger that Curt had until now been unaware. Curt could not stop kissing Daniel, did not want to stop kissing Daniel. Curt straddled Daniel and rested on his legs. He kissed hungrily, their bodies pressed against each other. Curt’s erection was full and pressed against Daniel’s equally full erection. Curt wanted Daniel. He wanted to make love to him, not just have sex with him. Curt began to unbutton Daniel’s shirt as he continued to kiss him. With Daniel’s shirt open, Curt teased his nipples to hardness, a sensation that Daniel found very erotic. Curt whispered, “Come with me.” Daniel took his hand and followed him to the bed.
When Curt did not accompany the two boys back inside the center, Daniel came out and sat beside Curt. He put his arm around Curt. “You did a good thing, buddy.” “I know, Daniel. These kids mean more to me than I realized.” “Kinda sneaks up on you, buddy, and before you know it, these kids are your life,” Daniel agreed with him. “And what a good life it is, Curt! What a good life it is!”

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