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Galveston Nights, by BK Wright

INTRO:Quentin is happy with his life of solitude, having shielded himself as best he could from his past. When he meets a young man on the beach who shares his passions, Quentin realizes that he misses having someone special in his life, but is hesitant to tear down the invisible walls he has so carefully built as an emotional shield. His former lover was murdered because he was gay, and had saved Quentin from the same sure death. When his past becomes part of his present, Quentin’s desire to love again must somehow overcome his fear and guilt from his past. At 1Romance ebooks and All Romance ebooks.

Ely was almost too good to be true, thought Quentin. He was beginning to feel the effects of the wine himself, and wine always made him hornier than any other drink. He motioned for Ely to sit with him on the bed which was also huge. It was perfectly round, which Quentin explained was because that was the shape of the world, and also because it had no end and no beginning just as he hoped his love for someone would be someday, as well as hopefully would be reciprocated. Ely sat down on the bed next to Quentin. Simply being near Ely made Quentin’s heart beat rapidly. Ely hadn’t had much wine, but not being much of a drinker was feeling its effects nonetheless. Quentin took Ely’s glass and set it and his own on the table next to the bed. He took Ely’s hands in his and kissed him lightly on the lips. He was hoping that Ely wouldn’t pull away, but feared that he would. Ely didn’t pull away.
Quentin lay beside Ely so that they were facing each other. Quentin loved Ely, or thought he did. He had been in relationships in the past that did not last, but was determined to make this one work. If Ely would have him, he would be his to the end. He wanted to ask Ely how he felt about him, but was afraid of the answer. Although he was just a few years older than Ely, Quentin had had so much more experience with relationships. This was the first real relationship Ely had known, and Quentin hoped that it would be the last. “Ely?” asked Quentin. “Yes?” Ely replied. “You know I care about you a lot, don’t you?” “Yes, I think I do,” remarked Ely.
At this point Quentin somehow gathered the strength to sit up. He struggled to get Ely off of him, though clearly Ely had the advantage position with the ability to leverage himself against the bed. “Ely, what have you done?!” Quentin demanded. “I told you what would happen to me if I tried to get help here. You didn’t call an ambulance, did you?” “No, no Quentin. I didn’t. Please lie back down. Please stay calm.” Ely was pleading with him now. “Not until you tell me what you have done, Ely. Did you tell anyone?” “Quentin, I called my mother who will be here soon. But she understands, Quentin. I told her I was gay. I’m sure she assumes you are too. She knows people in the Northeast, as I told you earlier. Trust me, Quentin. Let her help.” “Ely, you fool. People always say they understand and can help, then turn on you when you are gay. You don’t understand what has happened to me.” Quentin was shaking visibly now, and Ely had no idea how to calm him. “I’m sorry, Quentin. I didn’t know what you might do to yourself. I needed the help. Please trust me on this one.” The apology seemed to help somewhat. Quentin began to relax. “What choice do I have, huh? You may have ruined me, Ely.”

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