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Anything for Him, by Shannon Pearce, Beau to Beau books

Drinking buddies, David and Carlos always have a lot of fun together. They work together, laugh together, and just seem to “click.” Whenever Carlos can escape the impossible demands of his wife, the two of them spend entire weekends together. Over the years, they have become much more than drinking buddies. They have become true friends. There is absolutely nothing they will not do for the other.

Carlos lacks intimacy in his marriage, but finds it in his friendship with David. He begins to feel more than just friendship toward David, but has no idea what to do with those feelings. If he confides in David his true feelings, he could lose the friendship they now have. His desire for intimacy and the loneliness he feels at home may force Carlos to face his fears if he is to ever have the true happiness which he desires so desperately. All Romance ebooks, 1Romance ebooks, Amazon.

David and Carlos were both middle-aged, early middle-aged, tall and slender, with brown hair and brown eyes. Carlos was a little darker than David, having had the benefit of the beautiful skin of his Mexican mother. David thought that Carlos was gorgeous.

Over the years, they had become so much like each other that they could have been mistaken as twins, though not identical ones, of course. They both had somewhat hairy chests and legs, which were very evident in the summer when they wore only cut off jean shorts around the house, whichever house they were at.

David and Carlos had worked for the same company for ten years now. They partied most weekends; that is, when David could persuade Carlos that he didn’t need to listen to his wife yell at him all weekend. They went to bars, and then usually went to David’s afterward for more drinks. David had been with both men and women, but preferred men, and that was a big part of why Carlos’ wife didn’t like him. She didn’t really trust David around Carlos, but mostly she envied them their close friendship. And she certainly did not like it that Carlos preferred to be with David and not her, or at least that was how it seemed.

David felt sorry for Carlos because his wife would often use sex as punishment or something like that. She would cut him off for little or no reason and think it was funny, just because he forgot to do some idiotic chore she wanted him to do, or something trivial like that. David had tried to tell Carlos that she was trying to control him, but Carlos had begun to blame himself. David could see the damage it was doing to his friend’s self-esteem. David thought that Carlos’ wife would often try to start an argument with Carlos just to avoid having sex with him. She did not like sex much, and had tried to blame that too on Carlos. So, David and Carlos spent a lot of time together and did a lot of drinking.


David really wasn’t trying to seduce his friend, but he did think he was the sexiest man he had ever seen. The first photos were with Carlos’ shirt open, with his gorgeous brown chest showing and his large nipples. David couldn’t control his own thoughts when he looked at his friend’s chest. He would love to lick and suck those nipples, but didn't think it would ever happen, so he tried to block out the thought. David kept clicking away, and he got a little more daring as he went, not to mention aroused by looking at this hunk of a man posing for him in his own house. David positioned Carlos continuously for the perfect angles, which meant that he got to touch his beautiful body.


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