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Tell me what it takes...

Another free read that is not connected to any of my other work. Sometimes I write these little things to amuse myself. This is a story about Asai (a Japanese business man) and Brian (the enticing American youth) and how they meet a year after they've called off their...whatever it was they had.

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Blue lights, pulsing music, anonymity. It's just what Asai wanted on a night like this. He didn't have to look left or right, he knew no one was watching, no one cared. Glass raised to his lips, the vodka shot downed in one swallow. Here no one saw, no one judged.

A year had gone by, or was it more? Without changing position he made a sound. He'd lost track of the time. Nothing seemed to matter anymore. The face he showed the world was the same...happy or sad. What point was there in explaining?

And this was happy. Being in the club, the start of a buzz working, alone in the shadows. This was as happy as it got. Here there was nothing at all to remind him of what was, or what wasn't.

It was just a rustling, a light movement. Blonde hair against the otherwise sameness of black. Blue eyes that stood out. A slight turn of his head, and there he was.

Disheveled, unkempt. Not the same self-assured man he had been when he'd blithely said good-bye that year, or was it more, ago. The shot glass set down with an extra thud.

In that frozen moment Asai didn't realize the aura he gave off. The self-assured, self-contained embodiment of all that was, and all that might have been. He oozed sexuality, pleasure. A slight shift was enough to send shivers through Brian...and Asai seemed unaware.


Brian knew his voice was barely heard above the twisting rhythm of the band. But his eyes were focused on Asai's mouth and he saw it move, felt the words rather than heard them. Now it just remained whether he would respond, open himself up to whatever might still hover between them.

Brian watched as legs uncrossed and he stood, stepped away from the low table, stepped closer. He reached out, laid a sure hand on the trembling arm.


Funny how in the wink of an eye everything changed. All it took was that simple touch and all was lost. Below the cacophony of noise in the club a voice whispered in his ear that things were great. When Asai tightened his grip a wince appeared. That was all it took, he pulled him away.

'What hurts?'

Brian's voice was halting as he said nothing hurt. Sure hands unbuttoned the cuff and pulled the jacket and sleeve back before reflexes kicked in and stopped him. An ugly bruise had formed on his arm.

'Did he do this?'

There was silence at first, and then with a blush covering his cheek, Brian nodded.

It didn't matter whether he'd meant to or not, the bruise was there, a testament to the truth that things were not always what the seemed. Asai's tight grip turned into a gentle caress, he offered the haven of his home.

And was refused. And as quickly as Brian had appeared, he was gone.

It was done. Over.

The happy face had turned sad once again.

~Rowena Sudbury

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