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He came with a Rose, B.K. Wright, Beau to Beau books

Ethan has a wonderful life, filled with his two dogs, horses, and many other animals which have wandered onto his land over the years. He has the best friend that any man could have, a man who has become more than just a friend, if only in Ethan’s mind and in his dreams. When his friend asks him to attend a dinner with him one Saturday night, Ethan discovers much more about his good friend, who is also the veterinarian to his many animals, than he had already known. Dr. Holing has a secret which Ethan could not have imagined in even his wildest of dreams. Ethan’s Saturday night quickly becomes an adventure, an adventure which will change his life forever. At All Romance ebooks, 1Romance ebooks, Amazon.

It was still dark outside when Ethan drove his trusty old pickup truck into the lot of the College of Veterinary Medicine Clinic on the north end of the beautiful campus. “Just a few more minutes, Princess, and you’ll be all better.” Ethan loved his Sheltie puppy. She and her brother, Hawker, were the loves of his life on the farm that he owned just a few miles north of the city. Ethan was a wheat farmer, and the land was to him what Tara was to Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind. It was his strength.

Dr. Bryce Holing met Ethan at the back door of the clinic. One of the best of the best veterinarians in the country, Dr. Holing knew Ethan well. He came out to Ethan’s farm whenever Ethan needed him, to tend to the larger animals that could not be brought to the city.

“How’s our little Princess?” “Not so good, Bryce. She swallowed something, but I don’t know what. I just hope it’s not something harmful.” Bryce knew how much Ethan genuinely loved his animals, especially his two Shelties, and he picked the sleepy dog up into his arms and carried her into the hospital. Ethan was right behind him, afraid for his precious Princess.

Dr. Holing laid the pretty dog on the table and looked her over. “She’ll be fine, right?” Bryce placed his hand on Ethan’s arm. “I’m sure she will be, Ethan,” he said, in his always comforting, always reassuring voice. He petted the sleepy dog and drew some blood. “We’ll get this back in just a few minutes, Ethan. Then we’ll know what to do.”

Bryce continued to pet Princess and talk to her as if she were a young child. He spoke this sweetly to all of his patients, and Ethan had never met a man with as much compassion as Dr. Holing. He watched as the kind doctor made his Princess feel better with the stroke of his hand on her soft fur.

Bryce’s assistant came back in with the lab results and handed them to the doctor. Bryce turned his back to Ethan as he studied the results. Ethan petted his sweet baby and waited for Bryce to turn back around. “Looks good, Ethan. I’m going to give her an injection which will kill the toxin. It will probably make her sleep most of the day. Just keep her safe and inside the house for the rest of the day, which I know that you will.” He was stroking Ethan’s arm as he spoke, and Ethan knew exactly why Dr. Holing’s patients loved him. Bryce’s touch was comforting to him, too, maybe a little too comforting. Bryce was not only nice, he was also very sexy, at least that was what Ethan thought.


He heard the deep comforting voice of Dr. Bryce Holing and felt his gorgeous body on his. “I’ve wanted you for a long time, Ethan. You know we’ve been tiptoeing around the truth for a long time now.” Ethan felt Bryce’s lips lightly brush his. “You want me, Ethan?” Ethan opened his mouth, eager to feel the lips that he had wanted from the first time he had met the kind doctor. Bryce kissed him gently, then firmly, like a lover. Ethan felt Bryce’s hands on his chest, speaking softly and seductively to him. “I want you so much, Ethan. I love you.” Ethan felt Bryce’s lips on his again before he could respond. His arms were around Bryce’s, eager to touch his warm body. The feel of Bryce’s hand on his hard cock was almost too much for Ethan to bear. He heard himself moan as Bryce reached his hand deep inside Ethan’s jeans, cupping his balls. He stroked Ethan’s pulsating cock, and Ethan could once again taste Bryce’s lips on his. “Mm,” he moaned. Bryce’s lips were just out of reach. Ethan tilted his chin upward. “Kiss me, Bryce,” he said.

Ethan could hear a phone ringing. “Let it ring, Bryce. Come back and make love to me.” The ringing continued, and Ethan could no longer feel Bryce’s body next to his. He probably went to answer it, he thought. Then he felt Bryce’s hand on his balls again, and Ethan moaned. Bryce’s hand was wrapped firmly around Ethan’s cock and was stroking him faster and faster. Ethan heard his own moans, and then felt his warm cum as Bryce brought him to their first climax together. “Oh, Bryce, why did we wait so long?”


He had thought about tonight all day, although he had tried not to. He showered again, and dressed in business casual attire. He took a suit jacket just in case he needed it. With the somewhat uncomfortable exchange he and Bryce had had yesterday, Ethan wasn’t sure what Bryce had in mind for after the dinner, if anything. Did he expect me to stay the night? Was he wanting me in his life in a more personal way? Was he wanting me in his bed? Ethan was driving himself crazy with his thoughts about Bryce, which no doubt existed only in his mind. He splashed on some cologne, and thought about taking an overnight bag with him, but then decided against it. Bryce knew that Ethan wouldn’t leave Hawker and Princess alone that long, and Bryce definitely wouldn’t want him to leave Princess alone so soon after her middle of the night trip to the hospital.


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