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Just You and I, by Shannon Pearce, Beau to Beau books of Male Love

Another birthday together, their thirty-second, is bitter-sweet for Justin. This year marks yet another year gone by without Kyle knowing how much he has wanted him over the years, and how much he loves him. They spend so much time together that their friendship is much stronger than most married couples they know, the heterosexual married couples, that is. The two men have shared so much already, political careers, heated debates over the social climate of their time, that perhaps the way things are is enough for Kyle. But it is not enough for Justin. This year is the year, Justin decides, to discover the truth, whatever it may be. At 1Romance ebooks, All Romance ebooks.

Justin and Kyle had just celebrated their thirty-second birthday together. Born in the same year, they had grown up during the same period of time, though in different cities. Good friends, or at least acquaintances, since their senior year in college, they were what they called “products of their environment, and products of their time.” They were born in the very late sixties, and so had missed the “sexual revolution” that their parents had experienced. In fact, it was during what their parents had termed their “free love” years that Justin and Kyle had been conceived.

Both born to very young parents, Justin and Kyle had formed their own social and political views which were very different from those of their parents. Their parents had been so very liberal minded that the views of Kyle and Justin had inadvertently been formed very similarly, in regard to their outlooks and opinions about politics and the social climate of their time. This was either because of, or perhaps in spite of, having grown up and “come of age” during the 1970s and 1980s. The two of them had witnessed the same events in the history of their country, the good, and the bad. They talked caringly about these things, almost sentimentally, now that they were grown men.


“Where you planning to work next year?” Justin had asked Kyle one night when they had finished yet another of their many heated political debates with each other. “Had any offers yet?” Kyle had surprised Justin with his response. “I’m thinking of going to graduate school, Jus.” Justin had wondered if Kyle had wanted to stay in school to be close to him for a few years longer, but would never ask. Justin certainly did not want to leave Kyle yet. Changing his mind about his future suddenly, at exactly that moment, Justin answered, “That sounds like a good idea, Kyle. Sure would give us a much better head start into the political arena. I think it’s a great career move.”


“Ready to go, bud?” Kyle asked, when Justin came to pick him up. “Take my stuff, would ya?” “Oh, please,” Justin said, but helped his friend anyway. “Where to?” “Camping, the great outdoors,” Justin answered every year, though they both knew they were not roughing it in the least.

Justin looked forward to these trips just as much as Kyle did, though neither knew how very much the other enjoyed these trips with their best friend. It was during these trips that Justin got the chance to drink Kyle in, but that was all he did. Year after year, Kyle was merely the object of Justin’s desire. This year’s trip was going to be different, however. They were getting older, and Justin was tired of living without Kyle. He wanted Kyle, and he was determined this year to somehow let his friend know exactly how much.


If Kyle had known that his friend and political opponent was staring, he didn't say anything or let it be known in any way that he was aware that Justin was watching him, and after awhile he drew one leg up, placing his foot on his knee.

His balls shifted in their loose sac, and rolled forward. “This had to be an invitation of some kind, didn’t it?” Justin wished.


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