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an Italian Affair, Shannon Pearce, Beau to Beau books

Business was good at the firm where Ken worked. It was so good, in fact, that the company had opened a branch in Italy, and Ken had been assigned the job of mentoring the new manager of the Italian interests. Roberto was a good fit for the company, and Ken soon began to look forward to his weeklong trips to Italy. He and Roberto had a good time together, both escaping their somewhat dull lives of nothing but the same every day. When in Italy, Ken felt very exotic and wanted to do exotic things. One night during one of Ken’s weeklong business trips, Roberto confides in Ken that he misses the excitement of group sex that he had often been a very willing part of years ago. Ken listens intently to every arousing detail of Roberto’s past escapades, and admits that what Roberto is telling him is making him more than just a little horny.

Ken met Roberto several years ago when he had first flown to Italy on a business trip. It had been his first time in Italy, and Roberto had just joined the firm and was in charge of the Italian interests. Ken had made several trips to Italy after that, mentoring Robert, and working closely with him.

Ken had fallen in love with the beautiful country of Italy, its cities with their beautiful architecture, and the Italian countryside was breathtaking. Roberto had shown Ken a little more of his beloved country with every trip that Ken had made. Roberto had taken Ken to all the magnificent Italian sites, the great, the good, and the seamy.


Ken and Roberto were both married, with two kids each. Ken had two girls and Roberto had two boys. “When you come to the U.S., bring your wife and kids,” Ken had said every time he had flown to Italy. “Bring the family here, Ken,” Roberto had offered, with his usual hospitality. They both promised that they would, and both knew that they would not really do it.

Weeklong business trips to Italy for Ken, and business weekends for Roberto, were their only escape from their somewhat stagnating lives. They both loved their families, but when the two men were together, it was almost as if they were young again, and unencumbered.


On this night, Roberto started to really open up to Ken, and as Ken drank more wine, he talked freely about sex to Roberto, which was unlike him. They both realized that they were looking for other opportunities to screw around. “You know, Roberto, I always think about doing exotic stuff when I’m here in this exotic country of yours,” Ken admitted. “Yeah, like what?” he asked, grinning. “You may be surprised, but I’ve thought a lot about group sex, threesomes, that kind of stuff,” Ken admitted. “No way, not my sweet little American friend,” Roberto teased. “You don’t have it in you.” Ken lightly touched Roberto’s hand. “You might be surprised.”

Roberto grinned at Ken again. “It’s fun, Ken, a threesome. I did it a couple of times years ago, in college, the days of experimentation, don’t you know.” “Yeah, how was it?” “Well, it was with my best buddy and a girl. You really have to trust the people you do those kinds of things with, or at least trust one of them.” Ken just looked at him, waiting and wanting to hear more. “It was the best sex I ever had,” Roberto said, looking off into the distance. Ken was getting horny now, just imagining it.


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