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Many thanks to all who contributed over the years, and good luck to everyone in your future works!


Married until Monday, by Shannon Pearce, Beau to Beau books of Male Love

Trips to the cabin were the best of times for Thom and Julius. They went as often as they could, when time away from their stressful careers would allow. Thom had loved Julius since college. Julius was the most accepting person Thom had ever known. He never once heard him pass judgment on anyone. Thom had never told Julius that he was gay, but thought that he had to have known. Thom had many gay friends, and a few lovers.

It isn’t until the two of them are well entrenched in their careers that Julius begins to have relationship problems. When his girlfriend leaves him, he turns to Thom, just as he has always done following his many breakups. Thom’s suggestion that they get away to their favorite cabin for the weekend is more than welcomed by Julius, but Thom is surprised by his friend’s latest revelation.

Several years after their many wonderful years together as roommates, on the quite frequent occasions when they got together, these same types of questions about gay sex escalated after Julius had been emotionally torn apart by his girlfriend of several years. She had called it quits one night with no warning. Julius was devastated, and had called Thom right afterward. “What happened, buddy?” Thom didn’t know what to say. He had never been interested in girls the way that Julius was, sexually. Julius told him that she had met another man, but quickly changed the subject to ask more about gay sex. “What’s it like, that kind of intimacy, I mean?” “Hey Julius, why the increased curiosity about intimacy between males?” “Well, I have a confession, Thom. It kinda is what helped to cause the breakup with my girlfriend.” “Okay, what’s your confession?” “She caught me surfing explicit gay web sites.”

Thom didn’t know how to respond to this. It must have seemed like an hour had passed before Thom spoke again. “Are you still curious about gay sex, buddy, after all this time?” Thom tried to be as sensitive as he could be over the phone. “Would you like to experiment with someone you know you can trust?” Before Julius could answer, Thom went ahead and suggested that the two of them spend the weekend in the mountains. “How ‘bout it, Julius? It’s been awhile since we’ve gotten away to the cabin. Maybe a break is what both of us could use.” “Yeah, that’s always fun, just you and me. Thanks, Thom. That would be nice,” he whispered into the phone.

Thom’s heart was definitely not the only organ in his body to begin jumping with exhilaration at that moment. “I promise you that no one will ever know of our shared experience.” Thom wanted to assure him. He would do anything for Julius.


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