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That's All I Read: THE OSMOTICS by Dycen Alexander

That's All I Read: THE OSMOTICS by Dycen Alexander:


It's 2114 and a group of humans has evolved for their own protection and environmental concerns so that they have gills and can live underwater.  Kevern is an Osmotic who just wants to be a normal young man.  He chooses to travel across the country from Acadia, the Osmotic colony in the New England area, to California.  His journey leads to sexual encounters as well as strange and challenging interpersonal contacts that prove to threaten his life when he has arrived on the Pacific Coast.  Will Kevern come to accept his nature as an Ossmotic and will he even survive?

This is a well thought through story taking Kevern through a life's journey and introducing him to himself and to others who challenge who he is.  The train journey is a clever means to show this.  That Kevern is small and not as far along as an Osmotic gives him credibility as someone who wants out, but he has the sense to maintain an open enough mind to see the good and bad in all persons and to reject what does not make sense.

The author describes a believable future with only one or two unlikely changes, allowing the reader to relax and imagine his own role in it.  There is a great deal to consider ere with the psychologies of all concerned, Kevern's parents, the local townies, the West Coast Osmotics and the group that wants to destroy them all... well worth the read.


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