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That's All I Read: TELL ME I'M HOME by Emily Carrington

That's All I Read: TELL ME I'M HOME by Emily Carrington


Emily Carrington


Two stories about achieving a home, both with a military theme.

BLUE TICKET concerns a young man traveling as far as his train ticket can take him, alone and broke in the middle of New York state after leaving the army, World War II.  He takes a room in a tiny hamlet with a African American man in exchange for work around the place.  Both learn they have something in common pretty quickly, a blue ticket, that is, a dishonorable discharge from the army for homosexual acts.  The two men find love and loyalty in a hostile environment.

In ADESTE FIDELIS it is now and thanks to the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, a gay officer has his husband  living with him on base.  The "wife" receives the traditional invitation to the officer's wives club to talk about   planning a holiday gathering.  After some tense moments figuring out how he will be taken by the other "wives" and some issues with his husband over his style of decorating, the men find acceptance among their base-mates.

Both stories are well told and hart-warming.  They portray complex relationships, between the men and with others, intelligently.  They are just "different" enough to add that extra compelling tone to the jaded reader.

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